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  • Find Your People (Jennie Allen)

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    Before this study was a study, it was the number-one question Jennie Allen got from women: "How do I make friends as an adult?" We'll look back at the community almost every generation has had until us—and how we are living differently. We'll look at what God meant relationships to be and how we ...

  • 3:16 The Numbers of Hope (Max Lucado)

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    Study of a Key Bible Passage: John 3:16

    3:16 is Max Lucado’s favorite study he has ever done, because John 3:16 is the verse he credits for his own salvation at a young age. At its original release in 2007, Max posed this question: “If there was only one verse we could share with the world, woul...

  • Don't Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table (Louie Giglio)

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    Study of a Key Bible Passage: Psalm 23

    In Psalm 23, David wrote that God has “prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” It’s important to note that this table is set for two. Our enemy, the devil, is not intended to join us there. Yet, he seizes every opportunity to lie his way ...

  • You Were Made for This Moment (Max Lucado)

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    Study of a Book of the Bible: Esther
    This study was born in a hard season—a pandemic that locked down the world, compounded by the ancient sin of racism and the volcano of rage it ignited. Perhaps you have wondered if the lingering effects of this season would ever end. If so, God has a six-lette...

  • Get Out of Your Head (Jennie Allen)

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    Study of a Book of the Bible: Philippians

    Are your thoughts holding you captive? Jennie Allen knows what it’s like to swirl in a spiral of destructive thoughts, such as I’ll never be good enough. Other people have better lives than I do. God couldn’t really love me. In this study on the book of ...

  • Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (Expanded) (Peter Scazzero)

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    For those desiring to take steps in their Christian life and discipleship, to break free from bondage to the past and experience healing, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Expanded Edition (8-week course) integrates emotional health and contemplative spirituality. Many sincere followers of Christ,...

  • How (Not) to Read the Bible (Dan Kimball)

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    Dan Kimball guides you step-by-step through making sense of the most misunderstood, difficult, and disturbing Bible passages. Whether you’re a Christian, a doubter, or someone exploring the Bible for the first time, this study is your guide to understanding and contextualizing passages in the Bib...

  • Waymaker (Ann Voskamp)

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    Join New York Times best-selling author Ann Voskamp as she teaches you S.A.C.R.E.D., a daily habit, a rule of life, a way of life that will reorient your soul in relation to God through Scripture and prayer and study. Waymaker goes beyond just a new set of spiritual practices. In this study, Ann...

  • Live No Lies (John Mark Comer)

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    Pain is inevitable in life, but the suffering we experience comes not so much from the source of the pain but from the beliefs we hold. And the beliefs we hold are not always true. Lies have infiltrated our thinking, our perceptions, our attitudes, and our actions. The problem isn’t that we tell ...

  • When Strivings Cease (Ruth Chou Simons)

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    This study is for strivers, for those of us exhausted by the “You are enough—just improve yourself” narrative. The truth is, we never were enough, and we never will be. It’s time to lay down the wearying pursuit of self-betterment and measuring ourselves against popular opinion. The answer we’re ...

  • Forgiving What You Can't Forget (Lysa TerKeurst)

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    Why should I have to be the one who forgives when I'm the one who has already suffered the most? We know God commands us to forgive. But how, when the hurt plays over and over in our mind? And why, when we have already suffered so much? And, are there exceptions, such as when the other person kee...

  • 40 Days Through the Book: Philippians (Mark Batterson)

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    The heartbeat of the book of Philippians is for believers to have a Jesus-centered vision of life. How do we find joy in all of life's ups and downs? Jesus! How do we grow in contentment and generosity? Jesus! Where should our focus be so that our life makes sense? Jesus! In just four chapters, 1...

  • Undistracted

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    Through the pithy and inspiring storytelling that has endeared him to millions, New York Times bestselling author Bob Goff invites you to laugh with more gusto, dream with more confidence, and love with more intention in this disarming call to live Undistracted. Bob’s stories are like the rumble ...

  • Beautiful Word: Romans (Jada Edwards)

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    Romans shows us the power of the gospel to bring clarity to everyday life. It shows us how to love, how to resolve conflict, when to speak, and when to remain quiet. By diving into this beautiful book, you’ll discover the great gifts of the gospel—the forgiveness of sin, the removal of guilt, the...

  • Nothing to Prove (Jennie Allen)

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    You don’t have anything to prove. Too many of us walk through life thinking if we could only work harder or be better, we could be enough. But the truth is, we will never be enough. And thankfully, we don’t have to be. Jennie Allen walks through key passages in the Gospel of John to demonstrate h...

  • Beautiful Word: Revelation (Margaret Feinberg)

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    Are you afraid of the challenge of studying the book of Revelation? Actually, Revelation is a descriptive and poignant expression of what John was blessed to see, which is something that each of us longs to know—a place, an end, an eternity that is promised and is the very definition of hope, ext...

  • Case for Heaven (and Hell) (Lee Strobel)

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    The reality of death shapes our lives and faith. Most of us fear it or try not to think about it, regardless of whether we believe in eternal life or not. Lee Strobel—whose rigorous faith has been shaped by his past as an atheist—first considers his old unbelief: that we have only one life and wh...

  • Beautiful Word: Ephesians (Lori Wilhite)

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    The book of Ephesians is about identity. It's about learning who we are, living who are, and then leveraging who we are. When we do that, we stop walking in defeat, and instead, walk with our heads held high. Lori Wilhite draws on her experience as the pastor's wife of a large congregation locate...

  • Epic of Eden: Psalms (Sandra Richter)

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    This deep dive into the book of Psalms with Bible professor Sandra Richter will do three things: (1) it will tutor us in what honest faith in hard times looks like; (2) we will be reminded of who we are and who God is; and (3) we will see that we do not walk alone, but we will find our way back t...

  • Hard Good (Lisa Whittle)

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    Study of Bible Characters: Saul & David.

    Hard things...we don't like them, but they can become the keys to our greatest usability in the kingdom of God. We see in the lives of David and Saul examples of one who let God make good out of the hard, and one who ran away and refused the growth the ha...