Epic of Eden: Deborah (Sandra Richter)

Epic of Eden: Deborah (Sandra Richter)

The Book of Judges narrates one of the most chaotic and morally dark eras of Israel's story, and out of it emerges one of the most unlikely leaders of the biblical text—the prophet Deborah. She is a wife and mother in an entirely patriarchal world, yet due to her integrity and courage, she transforms chaos into order and leads Israel in one of the most pivotal victories of the settlement period.

Illustrating the era of the Judges by means of the archaeological record, historical geography, and the hard facts of warfare in the ancient world, Bible professor Dr. Sandra Richter draws students immediately into the grand tale, compelling us to ask and answer three critical questions:

What territory can you see from where you're standing that you know belongs to the Kingdom, but is not yet won?
Is it worth fighting for?
Are you willing to step out on faith and trust God for the victory?

A bonus lecture will address the biblical theology of women in ministry and Deborah's role in that often-argued debate.

Early Release Date: July 31, 2024

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Epic of Eden: Deborah (Sandra Richter)