Good Boundaries and Goodbyes (Lysa TerKeurst)

Good Boundaries and Goodbyes (Lysa TerKeurst)

Good Boundaries and Goodbyes was born out of New York Times bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst’s personal struggles with boundaries in relationships. She understands the “dance with dysfunction” and wants to be your insightful, compassionate friend who will teach you that it isn't unloving to set a boundary, and it isn't unchristian to say goodbye. You'll be relieved to learn that boundaries aren't just a good idea, they're a God idea. In this six-session video Bible study, you will discover how to set boundaries you can keep, communicate them, and finally see them working in your life.

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Good Boundaries and Goodbyes (Lysa TerKeurst)
  • S1: Boundaries Not Just a Good Idea, a God Idea (Good Boundaries & Goodbyes)

    The purpose of this study on boundaries isn’t so that we can shove love away. Quite the opposite. This is so we can know what to do when we very much want to love those all around us really well without losing ourselves in the process. Good boundaries should bring relief to the grief of letting o...

  • S2: Relationship Only as Healthy as the People In It (Good Boundaries Goodbyes)

    A wise person makes choices that lead toward order and away from chaos. If we refuse wisdom in our relationships or if we ignore red flags when someone in our lives has a pattern of unwise choices, it will be especially painful when times of trouble come our way.

  • S3: Maybe We've Been Looking at Walls All Wrong (Good Boundaries & Goodbyes)

    Healthy relationships have healthy boundaries, which function like good walls with working gates. Our job as the “watchman” over our own lives is to avoid the two extremes of having either 1) walls with no gates (keeping everyone out, even those who wish us well) or 2) no walls at all (letting ev...

  • S4: Old Patterns, New Practices (Good Boundaries & Goodbyes)

    Just like sports fans show their allegiance and who they follow by wearing their team’s jerseys, we are showing our allegiance to Jesus by our actions, attitude, and words. Boundaries may be one of the most important things we can utilize in order for us to keep our allegiance to Jesus true.

  • S5: People in the Bible Who Had to Say Hard Goodbyes (Good Boundaries Goodbyes)

    This week we look a Abraham and Lot, Paul and Barnabas, Jesus and Judas. When done appropriately, some goodbyes give relationships the space necessary to possibly heal and get better over time.

  • S6: You're Going to Make It (Good Boundaries & Goodbyes)

    Health can’t bond with unhealth no more than light can bond with darkness. It only makes sense if you’re going to bring healing and light into this world, you will offend the unhealth and the darkness in other people.