The Daniel Prayer (Anne Graham Lotz)

The Daniel Prayer (Anne Graham Lotz)

Study of a Bible Character: Daniel

In this six-session video Bible study, bestselling author Anne Graham Lotz looks at the life of Daniel and unpacks the prayer he prayed in Daniel 9. Unlike the everyday now-I-lay-me-down-to-sleep kind of prayer, this is a prayer birthed under pressure. A prayer in which the pray-ers return to the cross and repent of sin. A prayer that changes hearts and nations–even in our world today.

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The Daniel Prayer (Anne Graham Lotz)
  • S1 - Bible Study Workshop (The Daniel Prayer)

    This Bible study workshop has a single purpose: to present an approach that will help you learn to listen for God’s voice, know Him in a personal relationship, and communicate with Him through His Word.

  • S2 - Preparing for Prayer (The Daniel Prayer)

    Once Daniel was taken captive in Babylon, he could have chosen to be bitter against God or compromise with his new culture. But instead, he turned to God and sought to change his people’s situation through fervent prayer. What kind of prayer—offered by one person—could move Heaven and change nati...

  • S3 - Prompting in Prayer (The Daniel Prayer)

    Daniel didn't pray out of obligation; he was *prompted* to pray, based on a promise of God in Scripture. He basically prayed God's promise back to him. As Eugene Peterson says, he “reversed the thunder,” and held God to his Word.

  • S4 - Pleading in Prayer (The Daniel Prayer)

    In order to plead with God the way Daniel did, we need to feel connected to him. If you feel disconnected, work on developing confidence in God's character, and restore your relationship with him by confessing your sins with contrition.

  • S5 - Prevailing in Prayer (The Daniel Prayer)

    When you pray, you can’t be holding on to some other options that you are relying on just in case God doesn’t come through for you. You can’t have a Plan A, and if that doesn’t work a Plan B, and then only tack on prayer as a last resort. God wants you to go to him first and prevail upon him in f...

  • S6 - Battling in Prayer (The Daniel Prayer)

    Prayer so often feels like hard work. When you enter into conversation with God, you are also entering into a *battle* against the spiritual forces of this world. Your enemy is crafty. He will try to fill your mind with distractions or create chaos to keep you off your knees. But God has not left...