The Awe of God (John Bevere)

The Awe of God (John Bevere)

What if you were told of a hidden virtue that is the key to all of life? It unlocks the purpose of your existence and attracts the presence, protection, and providence of your Creator. It is the root of all noble character, the foundation of all happiness, and provides the needed adjustments to all inharmonious circumstances you may face. To firmly embrace this virtue will lengthen your life, procure you good health, ensure success and safety, eliminate lack, and guarantee a noble legacy. In The Awe of God, bestselling author and pastor John Bevere reveals how this hidden virtue of the fear of God allows us to discover a deeper relationship with God that our souls long for and God desires to have with us.

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The Awe of God (John Bevere)
  • S1: Holy Awe (The Awe of God)

    Fear is an emotion that can use some recalibration in the church. Many of us have been taught that fear is always negative—always something to be avoided. In reality, fear is an essential element of life. This is especially true when we consider what the Bible says about the fear of the Lord.

  • S2: Revealed As We Are (The Awe of God)

    We know God is omniscient and omnipresent—that He knows everything and exists everywhere. Even so, we sin. And we think we are “getting away” with that sin because God is not physically present to see it. Such a pattern is evidence that we lack holy fear.

  • S3: Irresistible Holiness (The Awe of God)

    It’s easy to confuse positional holiness with behavioral holiness. When we accept God’s gift of salvation, the Lord declares our position before Him to be holy because of what Jesus did for us on the cross. However, he wants our behavior to change so that we will mature in our faith and become mo...

  • S4: God's Word (The Awe of God)

    Those who fear God's word obey the Lord...immediately, even when it doesn't make sense, even when they don't see a personal benefit in it, and even if it's painful.

  • S5: Intimacy with God (The Awe of God)

    Genuine fear of the Lord does not scare us and drive us away from God. Instead, holy fear draws us closer to God. It aligns us with Him and gives us the opportunity to experience true intimacy with the Creator of all things.

  • S6: The Treasure's Benefits (The Awe of God)

    The fear of God is our natural state—it’s what God created us to experience. This means we receive many benefits when we are properly aligned with God in holy fear. Those benefits are not our primary motivation for choosing to fear God and obey Him, but they are nonetheless real. And they are sub...