Beautiful Word: Luke - Gut-Level Compassion (Lisa Harper)

Beautiful Word: Luke - Gut-Level Compassion (Lisa Harper)

Luke's gospel account is a literary masterpiece, but it doesn't celebrate the elite. Instead, it's like the biblical version of Shakespeare whose main characters are lepers, prostitutes, and tax collectors who were absolutely stunned by the compassion Jesus extended toward them despite their cultural status as outcasts. This book proves that the pretense of perfection is overrated and certainly isn't a prerequisite for a relationship with God. All twenty-four chapters present real people in real need of a real Savior. And while not everyone will be saved, Luke reminds us that anyone can be saved!

In this eight-session video Bible study, Bible teacher Lisa Harper exposes the utter humanity and compassion of Jesus shared by Luke, defined consistently and overtly in the original Greek, splagnitzomai, otherwise known as "gut-level compassion." Dive deep into the well of perhaps the most common-man exposition of what a gift Jesus is in this new Beautiful Word Series study.

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Beautiful Word: Luke - Gut-Level Compassion (Lisa Harper)
  • S1: Outliers, Outcasts, and the Outrageous Mercy of God (Luke - Beautiful Word)

    Of the four Gospels, Luke highlights the outrageous mercy of God most. From the opening verses, we see compassion and tender care on display as God is working in and through the lives of those who feel left behind, forgotten, invisible, and rejected. Jesus readily goes to those on the margins to ...

  • S2: Worship in the Waiting (Luke - Beautiful Word)

    Simeon and Anna were faithful to God as they waited years for God to fulfill his promises. In holding onto hope when everyone else had given up, they were considered outsiders with an outrageous faith. They practiced worship, fasting, and prayer as they waited. Waiting is worth it if you worship ...

  • S3: Uphill Glory (Luke - Beautiful Word)

    If you don’t put Jesus in the biggest hole in your soul, you’ll be drawn to the wrong people. You’ll be drawn to the wrong things, wrong substances. Addictions are a way of looking for the unconditional love that God wired you for.

  • S4: Gut-Level Compassion (Luke - Beautiful Word)

    The most common denominator amongst counseling clients is the feeling that they've been overlooked in their pain. Jesus sees us in our pain, and while we are still filthy, disfigured, stinky, repugnant, and contagious, Jesus holds us and heals us of our disease.

  • S5: The Tender Heart of Obedience (Luke - Beautiful Word)

    Obedience is the fruit of gratitude. If we get what Jesus has done for us, we will be compelled to love the people in ditches around us and become more like the Samaritan than those caught up in legalism.

  • S6: A Beautiful Unbending (Luke - Beautiful Word)

    We may feel bent over physically, emotionally, spiritually...sick and tired of being sick and tired. We may feel like our request or concern is too small or insignificant to God, but we are never an interruption to Jesus - he's always ready for a beautiful unbending.

  • S7: A Most Radical Restoration (Luke - Beautiful Word)

    The people Jesus touched and the teachings he proclaimed continued to shock everyone who witnessed them. He kept flipping common beliefs and systems upside down as he rebuked the arrogant, powerful, and self-righteous, and forgave the most despicable sinners.

  • S8: A Tale of Two Rooms (Luke - Beautiful Word)

    The first Upper Room, just before Jesus' death, was defined by division. Jesus doesn't lecture them, but rather picks up a towel and washes their feet. The second Upper Room, 50 days later on the Day of Pentecost, was defined by unity and the arrival of the Holy Spirit.