Racial Reconciliation

This collection of Bible studies calls the church to understand their history with regards to the treatment of people of color, and to lead the way in racial reconciliation, peacemaking, forgiveness, embracing diversity, and celebrating how we are all created in God's image.

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  • A Burning House (Brandon Washington)

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    American Evangelicalism is ablaze. Doctrinal identity unites black and white evangelicals, but divisions along ethnic and cultural lines have long tarnished the movement's witness. With desegregation on the horizon, Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I've come to believe that we are integrating into a...

  • Black History Month (Elijah McDavid III)

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    Why do we choose the problems and patterns of our past instead of the freedom that God has called us into? How can we overcome the mental and emotional fences of our past to live in the fullness of God's love? Moses shares insight with the Israelites on how to leave our past behind and embrace Go...

  • Color of Compromise (Jemar Tisby)

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    An acclaimed, timely study of how people of faith have historically—up to the present day—worked against racial justice. And a call for urgent action by all Christians today in response. The Color of Compromise is both enlightening and compelling, telling a history we either ignore or just don't ...

  • God and Race (John Siebeling & Wayne Francis)

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    Racial tension is a major problem in this country, and the church needs to openly dialog about it. White people must understand and acknowledge the sin of slavery and mistreatment of black people. Black people in turn have to forgive white people of previous and present injustices, while also not...

  • 40 Days Through the Book: Ephesians - Life in God's Diverse Family (Derwin Gray)

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    Study of a book of the Bible: Ephesians

    In a world of division, conflict, and polarization, the same Jesus who united the Jews and Gentiles, enslaved and free people, men and women, and people from every tribe and tongue some 2,000 years ago in Ephesus, is ready to do it again. God is still bui...

  • How (Not) to Read the Bible (Dan Kimball)

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    Dan Kimball guides you step-by-step through making sense of the most misunderstood, difficult, and disturbing Bible passages. Whether you’re a Christian, a doubter, or someone exploring the Bible for the first time, this study is your guide to understanding and contextualizing passages in the Bib...

  • How to Fight Racism (Jemar Tisby)

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    Become a proactive initiator of racial justice. Jemar Tisby presents a simple framework for confronting racism--the A.R.C. Of Racial Justice--increase your awareness, develop authentic relationships, and make a commitment. Full of practical tools and suggestions, actionable items, and real-world ...

  • I Am Restored (Lecrae)

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    Two-time GRAMMY winning hip-hop artist and bestselling author Lecrae was forced to face the buried impact of unhealed wounds from his past when his personal life spun into chaos. Along the way to restoration, he learned the importance of not normalizing traumatic circumstances, and how not to tur...

  • Same Kind of Different As Me (Ron Hall & Denver Moore)

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    From a burning plantation hut in Louisiana to an upscale New York art gallery, you will see the heart of God in this unexpected tale of love and the unlikely friendship between Ron Hall and Denver Moore. Gritty with pain and betrayal, Same Kind of Different as Me is an inspirational, true story t...

  • Seek Peace (Jeremy Williams)

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    How do we find peace within ourselves? Isaiah encourages us to pursue peace by placing our faith in God. How can we find peace with others? Jesus gives us instructions for finding peace in difficult situations. How can we receive and share peace? In this series, we will walk through the Bible's r...

  • Share the Dream (Matthew Daniels and Chris Broussard)

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    Share the Dream is a study based on the life and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Throughout this series, co-hosted by television journalist Chris Broussard and human rights professor Matt Daniels, you will look at six biblical principles that shaped Dr. King’s life and motivated him to s...

  • Subversive Witness (Dominique DuBois Gilliard)

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    Dominique DuBois Gilliard inspires us to reimagine how we think about privilege and exercise power. Instead of denying the existence of privilege or feeling incapacitated by it, Christians can learn to wield privilege as an instrument to advance the kingdom and sacrificially love our neighbors.