God and Race (John Siebeling & Wayne Francis)

God and Race (John Siebeling & Wayne Francis)

Racial tension is a major problem in this country, and the church needs to openly dialog about it. White people must understand and acknowledge the sin of slavery and mistreatment of black people. Black people in turn have to forgive white people of previous and present injustices, while also not harboring hatred and racism. Neither black fists or white knuckles are the answer to the problem; what is needed are open hands, open hearts, and open minds.

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God and Race (John Siebeling & Wayne Francis)
  • God and Race - Session 1: Open Your Hands

    We can’t afford to have the race conversation from just one perspective. We need open-handed conversations about race and opportunities to discuss relevant issues in the church from both a *black* and *white* perspective. Our call as Christians is to love all people, and we can’t do that with *cl...

  • God and Race - Session 2: Start In Your Heart

    The white-knuckle approach is to get angry and ask, *Why can’t they get over it already?* The black-fist approach is to retaliate and ask, *Do you now feel the pain you’ve made me feel?* Instead, we must acknowledge the *profiling* that happens and see the *privilege* some of us have over others....

  • God and Race - Session 3: What About Your Home?

    The home we grew up in shaped our lives—for better or worse—and now we have homes and households to shape. We are building the households that future generations will grow up in and learn from, and that makes us history-makers. We get to establish the kind of households where unity is the rule an...

  • God and Race - Session 4: Use Your Influence

    Our words have the power to influence others, not just in person but online. This can be dangerous when we exchange pleasantries in person but then throw daggers at the individual when we’re posting. With great power to listen and respond—both online and in person—comes great responsibility. And ...

  • God and Race - Session 5: A House that Looks like Heaven

    When it comes to racism—a spiritual problem in need of a spiritual solution—we have to take an honest look at how our *churches* are contributing to the solution. Are they committing to be places of diversity and unity? Or are they perpetuating the very same problems we’re trying to combat? At th...