Hermie & Friends

Hermie & Friends

Hermie and friends is a best-selling animated series created by Max Lucado...written by Troy Schmidt...and produced by award-winning Rick Eldridge. An adorable caterpillar named Hermie and his bug buddies learn important lessons about friendship, kindness, fear, obedience, and love, as they experience life in the garden under the watchful and loving eyes of God.

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Hermie & Friends
  • Hermie & Friends: A Common Caterpillar

    Hermie and his friend Wormie have always felt common. They don’t have stripes or dots, they aren’t very strong, and they can’t find anything special about themselves. But every time they pray, God tells them that He loves them all the time just as they are and that He isn’t finished with them yet...

  • Hermie & Friends: Flo the Lyin' Fly

    Telling the truth is always the best, a lesson parents are eager to teach young ones. Welcome, Flo, the Lyin' Fly, to Hermie's delightful world. Like the little boy who cried "wolf," Flo thinks it's fun to tell stories that are not true. When her friends discover they can't trust her, they refuse...

  • Hermie & Friends: Buzby The Misbehaving Bee

    The latest adventure in Max Lucado's Hermie and Friends series has the garden in a buzz when a new neighbor comes to town. "I'm king of the bees, and I'll do as I please!" Buzby, the Misbehaving Bee, proclaims as he zooms around the garden with no regard for The Garden Golden Rules. Buzby soon le...

  • Hermie & Friends: Milo the Mantis Who Wouldn't Pray

    When a big storm destroys Milo's Snack Shack, he doesn't know what to do and that includes just talking to God about it. Milo thinks he has to get God's attention in order for God to hear him. Milo finally learns prays and realizes that God has been helping him all along. Ironically, all the thin...

  • Hermie & Friends: Buzby and the Grumble Bees

    The garden bugs secretly agree to help Buzby show his misbehaving niece and nephew how unpleasant life would be if everyone misbehaved the way they do. After a few encounters with misbehaving bugs-seeing how dangerous, gross, and uncomfortable things can become when no one cleans up after themsel...

  • Hermie & Friends: Hermie and the High Seas

  • Hermie & Friends: The Flo Show Creates a Buzz

    Flo's chattering starts to irritate the other bugs. Hermie encourages her to start her own talk show, The Flo Show, so she has a place to do all her talking. But, her words hurt the guests on her show, and Flo has to learn to say "I'm sorry."

  • Hermie & Friends: Little Red Hermie in the Hood

    Hermie avoids talking to all his friends who are trying to give him advice, but he ignores them, assuming they are all out to get him like the wolf in the story of Little Red Riding Hood. He even distrusts his Grannypillar, who is the onw who sent his friends to warn him about the mudhole in the ...

  • Hermie & Friends: Mary Had a Little Lamb

    Hermie's friends audition for the part of the lamb in the song, Mary Had a Little Lamb. Wormie gets the part, but maybe he was too convincing!

  • Hermie & Friends: Catapilla

    Hermie and his friends tell the story of Catapilla, who, like Cinderella, tells his fairy wish-fly his wish so he can go to the ball in style. Soon a wish-flea and a wish-ladybug show up to try to help, but Wormie teaches Hermie that it's not about wishing, it's about asking God for what you want.

  • Hermie & Friends: Buzby's Spelling Bee

    Buzby runs a spelling bee, and Hermie and all his friends compete.

  • Hermie & Friends: The Straight Path

    To get to Schneider Snail's party, Hermie and Wormie must stay on the straight path. Distractions abound, tempting them to stray from the straight path. They learn important lessons about why the straight path is always better.

  • Hermie & Friends: To Share or Nut to Share

    Hermie and his friends are getting ready for the Garden Talent Show & Tell. Hermie is working on his prized nut collection, but his friends need nuts for their talents too. Hermie learns how to share.

  • Hermie & Friends: The Flood of Lies

    Hermie uses the rocks from the dam for his own ladder, causing a flood. Then he lies to cover up his mistake. He's ashamed to tell someone what he did to flood the garden, just so he can get his own way. Hermie learns that telling the truth is always best, and safest.

  • Hermie & Friends: Win, Lose, or Honey

    Buzby hosts the Win, Lose, or Honey game show. Hermie and Wormie answer so many questions correctly, they are winning all the honey. Wormie shares with the other contestants, but Hermie would rather keep all the winnings. Proverbs 21:26 prompts them to give what they have to share with others.

  • Hermie & Friends: Race of Fear

    Wormie is afraid of Freddie Flea, which makes him run away fast. Hermie schemes to use Freddie to make Wormie win the race, but along the way Hermie and his friends learn to overcome their fears.

  • Hermie & Friends: Buzby's Beach Blanket Bug Bash

    Buzby hosts a dance party, where each bug shows their best moves.

  • Hermie & Friends: Fruitcake Christmas

    Food is scarce in the garden around Christmas and two roaches won’t share the piles of nuts and berries they have saved. But when Hailey and Bailey invite them to the bugs’ fruitcake party, they are inspired to share!

  • Hermie & Friends: Who is In Charge Anyway?

    Remember some of the best moments from Hermie & Friends.

  • HermIe & Friends: The Uncommon DJ

    Hermie is the DJ for “Bug Requests Live on Garden Television”. In these sixteen songs the garden animals sing about God and the good things He helps us find and have in our lives. Some of the songs are, “Here We Go “’, “The Truth Will Set You Free”’, “Why Can’t I be Like Others”, “Webster’s Fearl...