Free to Thrive (Josh McDowell and Ben Bennett)

Free to Thrive (Josh McDowell and Ben Bennett)

Learn how to uncover your unmet, God-given longings and satisfy them in ways that lead away from brokenness toward spiritual wholeness.

Many people today are struggling with unprecedented levels of anxiety, hurt, doubt, guilt, and shame. Medical and mental health professionals confirm that much of the dysfunction and disconnectedness we experience in life stems from unresolved relational and emotional hurts. These hurts leave us with unfulfilled desires that we seek to satisfy through unhealthy behaviors and relationships. Yet, our struggles aren't random; they're signals that when answered, can pave our way towards a thriving life.

In Free to Thrive, Josh McDowell and Ben Bennett invite you on a journey of healing and will teach you how to overcome unwanted behaviors by engaging your unmet longings. With a blend of hard-won wisdom, compassion, and youthful energy, they present up-to-date neuroscientific research, personal stories of deliverance from addictions and unwanted behavior, all couched in a solid Biblical foundation. No matter what you are struggling with, it is possible to experience the spiritual, emotional, and relational wholeness that God wants you to have--and live the thriving life you were made for.

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Free to Thrive (Josh McDowell and Ben Bennett)
  • Free to Thrive: Session 1 - Legitimate Longings

    You may be surprised to hear that desire is a good gift from God, intended to lead us to healing and peace. God doesn’t ease our longings by removing them; he completes them by satisfying us fully through himself and other people.

  • Free to Thrive: Session 2 - Your Seven Longings

    Appreciation, affection, access, attention, affirmation of feelings, acceptance, assurance of safety.

  • Free to Thrive: Session 3 - Your Unmet Longings

    Absences and attacks contribute to your unmet longings, pain, and thirst.

  • Free to Thrive: Session 4 - Identifying the Unwanted

    Unhealthy ways to cope in relationships include the pleaser, blamer, reasoner, and withdrawer. Unwanted behaviors are any compulsive thought, belief, or action you want to stop but can't.

  • Free to Thrive: Session 5 - Listen to Your Longings

    Make a connection between unmet longings and your unwanted behaviors. Once you realize that these unmet longings are actually messengers from the deep parts of your soul and your story, sent by God to get your attention and lead you to healing, joy, and freedom in him, the process starts to get b...

  • Free to Thrive: Session 6 - What Your Brain Needs You to Know

    There are things happening under the surface in our minds that can trap us in dissatisfaction and pain. Such things, if left unattended, can lead to toxic beliefs and behaviors that may overwhelm us with unexpected loneliness or despair. To understand how this happens, we need to explore the way ...

  • Free to Thrive: Session 7 - You've Got the Wrong God

    We tend to create a version of God that is really a projection of our hopes, fears, biases, and experiences. This session will help us begin to peel back the layers of our perception of God until we see the true God revealed in the Bible and in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

  • Free to Thrive: Session 8 - Seeing Yourself as God Sees You

    We all deal with a disconnect between our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves on the inside versus how God views us. This session is aimed at helping you piece together a biblical and sustainable sense of your worth, identity, and value according to the Word of God.

  • Free to Thrive: Session 9 - You're Made for More

    God doesn’t just want to save us from death, sin, and hell—he also wants to save us for something and with someone. He wants to save us into restored and thriving relationships with himself and his people.

  • Free to Thrive: Session 10 - What's True for Me Is True for You

    We have been looking for solid foundations upon which to lay our identities, our self-worth, and our relational ethics. We need to know if there is a reliable standard against which to measure our values, evaluate the quality of our experiences, and relate to one another equitably. In other words...

  • Free to Thrive: Session 11 - Your Move

    What will your next move be? Will you dig deep, engage some growing
    environments, and risk regular vulnerability?