Seasonal Bible Studies

Seasonal Bible Studies

Get the most out of your celebration of the season with Bible studies that explore the meaning and the significance of Easter, Christmas, New Years, and Thanksgiving.

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Seasonal Bible Studies
  • Waiting Here For You (Louie Giglio)

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    Waiting is not wasted when waiting on the Lord.
    A season overflowing with anticipation, Christmas comes the same time each year with great hope and promise of a baby born long ago. But this season meant for joy is often consumed by busyness, pressure, mixed emotions, and is gone as quickly as it ...

  • Because of Bethlehem (Max Lucado)

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    Christmas begins what Easter celebrates. The child in the cradle becomes the King on the cross. Because of Bethlehem, we have a Savior in heaven. No one expected God to come the way he did. Yet the way he came was every bit as important as the coming itself. The manger is the message. Jesus’ bir...

  • The Case for Easter (Lee Strobel)

    4 items

    In his bestselling book The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel retraced his spiritual journey from atheism to faith by showing how the evidence he obtained from experts in the field of history, archaeology, and ancient manuscripts led him to the verdict that Jesus truly was the Son of God. Now, in this...

  • Who Needs Christmas (Andy Stanley)

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    The details of the Christmas story are amazing . . . and can seem a bit unbelievable. There is the angelic announcement to Mary that she will give birth to the Messiah. The dream from God that convinces Joseph to take Jesus as his own son. The angelic host who announces Jesus' birth to the shephe...

  • He Chose the Nails (Max Lucado)

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    Jesus’ last moments were not left up to chance. God chose the path; he selected the nails. Our Lord planted the trio of crosses and painted the sign. God didn’t have to do all these things, you know. The only required act for our salvation was the shedding of blood, yet he did much more. So much ...

  • 40 Days of Love (Rick Warren)

    6 items

    Study of a Key Bible Passage: 1 Corinthians 13

    Through this six-session small group Bible study, 40 Days of Love, pastor Rick Warren teaches you how to make authentically loving God and loving others the deepest desire, highest aspiration, and constant focus.

    So what is your number one priority...

  • Advent Conspiracy (Rick McKinley, Chris Seay, Greg Holder)

    4 items

    Are you tired of how consumerism has stolen the soul of Christmas? This year, take a stand! Join the groundswell of Christ-followers who are choosing to make Christmas what it should be—a joyous celebration of Jesus' birth. Advent Conspiracy, a four-session, video-based study, shows you how to su...

  • Anxious for Nothing (Max Lucado)

    5 items

    Study of a Key Bible Passage: Philippians 4:6-7

    When it comes to anxiety, depression, and stress-related illnesses, America is the frontrunner. Thankfully, Max Lucado provides a roadmap for battling with and healing from anxiety. Do you feel weighted down with worry? Does the uncertainty and c...

  • Before Amen (Max Lucado)

    4 items

    Study of a Key Bible Passage: Matthew 6:9-13

    We all pray...some. We pray to stay sober, centered, or solvent. When the lump is deemed malignant. When the money runs out. When the marriage is falling apart. But wouldn’t we like to pray...more? Better? Stronger? With more fire, faith, and fervency...

  • Between a Rock and a Grace Place (Carol Kent)

    8 items

    This six-session video-based study will help you decide where you stand when you are caught between a rock and a hard place: Will you place yourself in a posture of humility and complete dependence on God, or will you just “try harder” and stumble over what could be a transforming encounter with ...

  • Christmas (Early Childhood)

    4 items

    This series teaches children about the real Christmas story. Children are encouraged to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and tell everyone the real story of Jesus. Each week Dennisha and her Skuppet friend Melly prepare a special birthday party for the best Christmas gift of all, Jesus!

    The series...

  • Christmas (Elementary)

    4 items

    This series teaches kids about the real Christmas story. Kids are encouraged to be "all in" for Jesus this Christmas, and to share the real story of Jesus, the one true king, with their friends and family. Each week Tyler and Caroline host their Top 5 Christmas Edition, where they rank their top ...

  • Death and Resurrection of the Messiah (Ray Vander Laan)

    10 items

    This ten-session small group Bible study, Death and Resurrection of the Messiah, from noted teacher and historian, Ray Vander Laan, is volume four of the 16-part That the World May Know series.

    In Death and Resurrection of the Messiah, filmed on-location at Sea of Galilee, Decapolis, Dan, Templ...

  • Draw the Circle (Mark Batterson)

    5 items

    Have your prayers become stagnant? Do you long to see God move in fresh ways? Are you ready to move to new places in your walk with God? If so, it’s time to take the 40-day prayer challenge and press into God like never before. In this five-session video Bible study, bestselling author Mark Batte...

  • Drive Thru History: Temple, Cross, and the Empty Tomb (Dave Stotts)

    3 items

    In a style all his own, Dave Stotts—host and editor of Drive Thru History—speeds through the ancient world of the Bible, giving you a fast-paced encounter with the people, places, and events that have shaped our world and the Christian faith. Stotts’ Drive Thru History series includes on-location...

  • Easter (Early Childhood)

    5 items

    This series teaches children to prepare, celebrate, and remember Jesus this Easter. Children will learn that they can get ready for Easter, celebrate Jesus as their good King, believe because Jesus is alive, trust Jesus when they’re not sure, and think about Jesus every day. For this series, the ...

  • Easter (Elementary)

    5 items

    This series teaches kids about the Easter story and that Jesus died on the cross and rose again. In this series our friend Greg and his cameraman Dan hunt for pieces of the past in their new show, History Hunters! His amazing finds all help make the point we may have doubts, we may forget, we may...

  • Forward (Dr. David Jeremiah)

    6 items

    Study of a Key Bible Passage: Philippians 3:12-14

    Dr. David Jeremiah teaches a master class in how to live fearlessly and get your life in focus. He draws on Philippians 3:12-14 to show that while it is good at times to look back, we need to make sure that we don't go back and allow the past to ...

  • Friend of Sinners (Rich Wilkerson, Jr.)

    5 items

    In this five-session video Bible study (study guide sold separately), pastor and author Rich Wilkerson, Jr. reveals how Jesus was referred to as a “friend of tax collectors and sinners” (Luke 7:34). In the religious leaders’ minds this was one of the greatest indictments imaginable, but for Jesus...

  • Get Your Life Back (John Eldredge)

    6 items

    The 24-7 onslaught of contemporary life—with its never-ending feed of global tragedies, demands for our attention, and pressures of work, family, and friends—has left us feeling ragged, wrung-out, and emptied. Get your life back with five counter-cultural practices: (1) the one-minute pause, (2) ...

  • Happy Harbor, Ep 12: Christmas

    Little ones will be entranced by Arlo the Bear who shares the big idea, Kelby the Octopus who finds the Baby Jesus hidden in her treasure chest (underneath all the bubbles), and Tilly the Penguin who drives the Bible train to the animated rhyming Bible story about Jesus' birth.

    Free Extras:

  • Happy Harbor, Ep 4: Easter

  • Hermie & Friends: Fruitcake Christmas

    Food is scarce in the garden around Christmas and two roaches won’t share the piles of nuts and berries they have saved. But when Hailey and Bailey invite them to the bugs’ fruitcake party, they are inspired to share!

  • Hey-O! Bible Stories: Volume 4 - Jesus Arrives

    12 items

    These animated Bible stories for kids tell the wonderful stories of the arrival of Jesus to earth, including the Christmas story, Jesus' childhood, and the beginning of his ministry as he was baptized, tempted in the wilderness, and as he called his disciples.
    Note: Story 8 will be added early 2...