Get Your Life Back (John Eldredge)

Get Your Life Back (John Eldredge)

The 24-7 onslaught of contemporary life—with its never-ending feed of global tragedies, demands for our attention, and pressures of work, family, and friends—has left us feeling ragged, wrung-out, and emptied. Get your life back with five counter-cultural practices: (1) the one-minute pause, (2) benevolent detachment, (3) practicing kindness, (4) getting outside, and (5) stepping back from technology. These practices will enable you to begin recovery, focus on what matters most, disengage from the tragedies of this broken world, and discover the restorative power of beauty.

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Get Your Life Back (John Eldredge)
  • Get Your Life Back - Session 1 - The One Minute Pause

    The big lie is how technology was supposed to create room in our lives for all those things that we enjoy. It’s done the exact opposite, increasing our workload as we try to keep up to the pace of a world gone completely mad. Jesus is serious about us turning things over to him on a regular basis...

  • Get Your Life Back - Session 2 - Simple Unplugging

    To create soul space and find more room for God in our lives, we’re going to have to deal with our consumption of—and attachment to—technology. This isn’t simply a cultural crisis but a spiritual crisis. The soul’s need for love, restoration, and connection with God hinges on our ability to give ...

  • Get Your Life Back - Session 3 - Get Outside

    God filled the world with a renewable supply of something our souls need daily: beauty. Yes, beauty. Most people don’t intentionally pursue beauty as nourishment. But beauty is one of the richest graces God has provided to heal our souls and absorb his goodness. Get outside for five minutes every...

  • Get Your Life Back - Session 4 - Caring for Neglected Places in Your Soul

    This world is never going to encourage you to take care of the neglected places in your soul. It never offers adequate time to grieve your ungrieved griefs or heal from your wounds and losses. Your losses matter. Allow your soul to *feel.* Invite Jesus in. Invite his love, comfort, and presence i...

  • Get Your Life Back - Session 5 - The Hidden Life of God in You

    Most believers have been given the impression that the sum total of the Christian life is faith, obedience,
    and service. These are all necessary and good things, but not the main invitation. Jesus invites us into something far more thrilling and beautiful and intimate than a life of Christian se...

  • Get Your Life Back - Session 6 - The Simple Daily Things

    Life is not lived in the fantastic. God reveals himself to us in the dailies. The culture keeps pressuring us to *be amazing* but if you want your soul back, you’re going to have to find it in the dailies. Your soul will let you know how it’s doing through positive and negative barometers that se...