Untangle Your Emotions

Untangle Your Emotions

The rules have changed when it comes to our emotions. Do we have control over feeling sad? Feeling angry? Feeling happy? If we can just stop thinking a thought, can we just stop feeling a feeling? Jennie Allen takes a look at individual moments when Jesus and Father God and the Spirit all feel emotions. We will learn from our God who feels… what is his response to sadness, anger, fear, or joy? Jennie casts a theological vision for our emotions and presents scientific research that confirms what Scripture says is true. There are steps we can take to experience our emotions more clearly and walk in greater awareness of our need for God: Notice them. Name them. Feel them. Share them. Resource them.

Early Release Date: January 17, 2024

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Untangle Your Emotions
  • S1: Intro (Untangle Your Emotions)

    Our feelings are trying to tell us something important, not trying to take over. In fact, God gave them to us for a reason. Not to be controlled or “managed” but to connect us, to Him and to others around us.

  • S2: Notice (Untangle Your Emotions)

    Your emotions are trying to tell you something. They’re telling you specific things about your situation. But before we can decipher what our emotions are saying to us, we have to notice them. Not brush them aside.
    Not stuff them. Not talk ourselves out of them.

  • S3: Name (Untangle Your Emotions)

    After noticing what’s going on with our bodies, the next step is naming what we’re actually feeling. Even if you’ve treated your emotions like “those that must not be named” for fear that naming them makes them more real, naming is a gift you’ve been given by God who names everything and everyone...

  • S4: Feel (Untangle Your Emotions)

    You can feel all your feelings and not sin. And you can feel all your
    feelings and sin. But feeling a feeling in and of itself is not a sin.
    Feeling your feelings is an invitation to “with confidence draw near to
    throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need” (...

  • S5: Share (Untangle Your Emotions)

    Whenever you hide from vulnerability to avoid being misunderstood,
    wronged, rejected, or hurt, you also keep yourself from the good things of
    compassion, love, and realizing you’re not the only one. Sharing brings us
    connection and healing.

  • S6: Choose (Untangle Your Emotions)

    We’ve come to the point in this process where, once we notice what we feel, name what we feel, actually feel it and share it, we have to decide what to do with it. First, we choose God. Next, we choose the raw unvarnished truth.
    We must be honest about where we are and our desperate need for God.