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S2: What Humans Are Like (Unoffendable)

Unoffendable (Brant Hansen) • 17m

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  • S3: The Psychological Effects of Ange...

    It’s easy to see the connection between anger and stress in people. Those who deal with a lot of anger and choose to hold onto it typically also feel very stressed. The message of this study is not that we should never get angry. Rather, it’s that we should stop holding on to anger—stop carrying ...

  • S4: What About Injustice? (Unoffendable)

    Contrary to popular opinion, anger does nothing to address injustice. Rather, anger clouds our judgment when we are attempting to deal with injustice. There is a way to stand up for injustice without giving into anger. There is also a way to forgive others while still standing up for justice.

  • S5: How to Actually Do This (Unoffend...

    The more you become unoffendable, the more you will be willing to forgive people as a lifestyle. Viewing people through the lens of forgiveness means seeing them in the way that God sees us.