The God of the How and When (Kathie Lee Gifford and Rabbi Jason Sobel)

The God of the How and When (Kathie Lee Gifford and Rabbi Jason Sobel)

The God of the How and When is the first in a series of four studies based on the book The God of the Way, by New York Times bestselling author Kathie Lee Gifford and Rabbi Jason Sobel. This first instalment focuses on Abraham, Sarah, Moses, Joshua and Mary, who were each given a seemingly impossible promise by God and then had to wait an interminable amount of time for him to show them "the how and the when."

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The God of His Word
The God Who Sees
The God of the Other Side (release: 1/23/24)

ALSO: Get fascinating "behind the scenes" details and clips from oratorios featuring Kathie Lee Gifford and other well-known personalities that bring the story to life with contemporary orchestral arrangements, powerful narration, and touching visuals.

Watch the oratorio: "The God of the How and When" (Kathie Lee Gifford feat. Larry Gatlin)

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The God of the How and When (Kathie Lee Gifford and Rabbi Jason Sobel)
  • S1: The Holy Land (The God of the How and When)

    The God who determines how and when all things in Scripture will take place is also concerned about where these things will take place. Why did God choose that particular piece of land? What is the significance of this place that we call Israel?

  • S2: Abraham (The God of the How and When)

    This session looks at both the physical and spiritual components of the covenant God made with Abraham. Understand why God changed his name to Abraham and the significance of that new name. In the story of the sacrifice of Abraham's promised son, we'll see how this event points to the greater sac...

  • S3: Sarah (The God of the How and When)

    Sarah, at times, differed from Abraham in her response to God’s promise. Hagar's story gives us a better idea of the events from Sarah’s perspective and how the birth of Ishmael caused contention. Explore what the Bible says about beauty and why it is so critical to reflect God’s beauty to the wo...

  • S4: Moses (The God of the How and When)

    Moses became the greatest prophet and a central figure in Judaism, used by God to not only free the Israelites from slavery but also to give the Ten Commandments and the Torah to them. No other leader or prophet was as loved by and revered by the Jewish people. Along the way, Moses would have to ...

  • S5: Joshua (The God of the How and When)

    See what set Joshua apart from the other leaders whom God could have chosen to take Moses’ place. Look at the two types of zeal Joshua demonstrated and how his life and character point to Christ. Joshua maintained his zeal to the very end, and we can do the same.

  • S6: Mary (The God of the How and When)

    God announces something extraordinary is about to happen to Mary. Look at the challenges she faced and the sacrifices she made to be obedient to God. The character traits Mary possessed that enabled her to fulfill God’s calling on her life are traits you can model as you seek to follow after God.