The God Who Sees (Kathie Lee Gifford with Joanne Moody)

The God Who Sees (Kathie Lee Gifford with Joanne Moody)

The God Who Sees is the third in a series of four studies based on the book The God of the Way, by New York Times bestselling author Kathie Lee Gifford and Rabbi Jason Sobel. This third instalment partners Kathie Lee with Rev. Joanne Moody, founder of Agape Freedom Fighters. In the Bible, we read that Hagar gave God the name El Roi, “the God who sees,” when she recognized that the Lord had seen her in her plight. In our lives, we often wonder if God sees us when trials feel endless, or problems resurface, or once-defeated illnesses return again to impact us. These moments make us question if God sees us and if he truly cares.

Delve into the lives of five people in the Bible who, like us, wondered if God saw them in their distress. Through the stories of Hagar, Ruth, Boaz, David, and Mary of Magdala, you will discover that even in the darkest times, God constantly watches over you. He has promised to never abandon you, and he empowers you to fulfill the purpose that he has for your life.

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ALSO: Get fascinating "behind the scenes" details and clips from oratorios featuring Kathie Lee Gifford and other well-known personalities that bring the story to life with contemporary orchestral arrangements, powerful narration, and touching visuals.

Watch the oratorio: "The God Who Sees" (Kathie Lee Gifford feat. Nicole C Mullen)

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The God Who Sees (Kathie Lee Gifford with Joanne Moody)
  • The God Who Sees: Session 1 - The Desert

    Before we look at the stories of Hagar, Ruth, Boaz, David, and Mary Magdalene, we first need to take a look at where many of these events will take place: the desert. It was there, in those dry, difficult, and seemingly desolate places, that they encountered God, were transformed, and they receiv...

  • The God Who Sees: Session 2 - Hagar

    Hagar was an Egyptian slave. As such, she had two major strikes against her: (1) she was in the lowest social order, and (2) she was a foreigner
    and outsider living in Israelite society. She must have felt unseen by everyone. But God not only saw her but also cared about her.

  • The God Who Sees: Session 3 - Ruth

    But Ruth’s story is a powerful testimony of what can happen—and what God will do—when one person chooses to be faithful to another person. The story is even more remarkable when we consider that Ruth was an outsider.

  • The God Who Sees: Session 4 - Boaz

    In Jewish tradition, Boaz was called a kinsman-redeemer. Ruth and Naomi desperately needed this type of protection . . . and so do we. Maybe we aren’t destitute or suffering at the hands of a patriarchal society like Ruth and Naomi were, but we all need redemption. We all need people who can vouc...

  • The God Who Sees: Session 5 - David

    Even though David was the youngest of Jesse’s eight sons—and even though he was not even present when the prophet Samuel came to his family’s home—the Lord saw him and selected him to be the next king of Israel because of his heart. In this world, we can feel unseen and overlooked the way David m...

  • The God Who Sees: Session 6 - Mary of Magdala

    Mary of Magdala's story reveals that we are never too sick, or too afflicted, or too much of an outcast for God to see us. He will never leave us or forsake us (see Hebrews 13:5–6).