The River

The River

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The River
  • The River, Session 1

    In Session 1, Michael Neale introduces you to Gabriel Clarke and his story and asks the question, who do you belong to?

  • The River, Session 2

    In Session 2, Michael Neale takes you through Gabriel Clarke's early loss of his father, and how God can keep you going through the pain and suffering in your life.

  • The River, Session 3

    In Session 3, Michael Neale introduces you to Gabriel Clarke's band of river brothers, and asks, who can you choose to walk with together in love and friendship?

  • The River, Session 4

    In Session 4, Michael Neale takes you through Gabriel Clarke's first foray back into the river, and reminds us that the beauty and joy of the life we truly long for requires risk.

  • The River, Session 5

    In Session 5, Michael Neale introduces us to Ezra, and the impact he had on Gabriel Clarke. You will learn that how we look at things, our perspective, makes all the difference.

  • The River, Session 6

    In Session 6, Michael Neale takes us through Gabriel Clarke's night time run down the river with Jacob, and teaches that at time's when it is most dark, is when we experience the most.

  • The River, Session 7

    In Session 7, Michael Neale narrates Gabriel Clarke's thoughts on finding out about Jacob, and how his life changed once he chose to forgive.

  • The River, Session 8

    In Session 8, Michael Neale explores his last thoughts on Gabriel Clarke's story and how it can inspire you to join the river of your life.