Meant For Good

Meant For Good

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Meant For Good
  • Meant for Good - Session 1 - God's Plans are Meant for Good

    Everything God does is meant for good; but, God defines *good* differently than we define good. God's good plans are not exempt from trial. Rather than saving you from trials, God wants to transform you *through* them. Your past will either be Satan's weapon against you or God's most powerful tool.

  • Meant for Good - Session 2 - We're Invited to Trust

    Shame leads us to hide, blame, shame, fear and anxiety. But, God pursues us in the midst of our guilt and shame. He frees us, then shows us how to live like we are free. But in order to live truly free, we need to embrace God's promise of love and practice recognizing God's voice and trusting him...

  • Meant for Good - Session 3 - Call Upon God

    You will miss God's plans if your life revolves around your own plans. Our role is obedience; God is in control of the results. A Gardener is closest to the branches when He is pruning them. Are you practicing spiritual disciplines so you can make yourself feel good about your spiritual life and ...

  • Meant for Good - Session 4 - Come and Pray

    Prayer is spending time with the one who loves you most. Jesus was given his identity, worth, and position as he was praying. What you do in private spaces equips you for public places. We pray so that we will do what Jesus did, have what Jesus has, and begin to want what Jesus wants.

  • Meant for Good - Session 5 - Seek Him with All Your Heart

    Seek God in everything and everyone. Seeing the best in others means seeing God's image in them. Seeking after God means to have an intimate personal relationship with Him. To David, seeking God IS what satisfies him. He cannot imagine any other anything that will fill him up mentally, physically...

  • Meant for Good - Session 6 - Say "Yes!" to God

    Sin is saying "No" to God for the sake of saying "Yes" to something else. The good that God does *in* you is meant to go *through* you and onto someone else. May you learn to walk in step with His Spirit and obediently say "Yes" to the adventure of trusting Him and the good plans He has for your ...