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Keep It Shut

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Keep It Shut
  • Keep It Shut, Session 1 - Sparks, Squabbles, Spats, and Such: Our Words Matter

    Keep It Shut is a six-session, video-based small group Bible study by author Karen Ehman of Proverbs 31 Ministries exploring how to control the tongue. In this study, Karen gives women practical, biblically based steps for knowing what to say and how to say it, as well as when it is better to say...

  • Keep It Shut, Session 2, On Filling Gaps and Zipping Lips: Listen to Others, Talk to God

    Some people are verbal gap fillers; if there's a slight pause they just have to fill it with words. Others have conversational FOMO...fear of missing out on adding their opinion, clarifying their position, or drawing a laugh. Break the habit of sinning with your mouth by talking to God before tal...

  • Keep It Shut, Session 3, Opinion-Slinging and Salty Speech: Assessing Our Digital Tongues

    Evaluate your words before speaking them, especially online: Is this comment wise, full of grace, seasoned with salt? Does it display God's love to outsiders? Have I asked God if this is the best response?

  • Keep It Shut, Session 4, Gossip, Flattery, and People-Pleasing: How to Speak the Truth in Love

    Flattery and people-pleasing is just as sinful as gossip and backstabbing. It has been said that gossip is saying something behind someone’s back that you would never dare say to the person’s face. However, flattery is almost the opposite. It is saying something to someone’s face that you would p...

  • Keep It Shut, Session 5, Pause Before You Pounce: On Cultivating Soft Speech

    Anger is inevitable. People are going to push your buttons — and you are going to push back. Or maybe their intent wasn’t to tick you off, but you are hoppin’ mad anyway. Learn to respond in a way that lines up with God’s Word. When you don’t, and instead dwell on the offense, letting bitterness ...

  • Keep It Shut, Session 6, As Sweet as Honey: Wonderful Ways to Use Your Words

    We become known for how we use our words. The sweetness or bitterness of our words will be determined by what we drink in and the amount of time we spend with the Son. We are to avoid godless chatter, which is speaking empty words with no meaning; or irreverent words that improperly win an argume...