Ephesians (Beautiful Word Bible Study Series)

Ephesians (Beautiful Word Bible Study Series)

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Ephesians (Beautiful Word Bible Study Series)
  • Beautiful Word: Ephesians - Session 1: Chosen

    It's time to walk with your head held high. This means that you walk with confidence and strength in who God created you to be. Embracing that you are chosen changes everything.

  • Beautiful Word: Ephesians - Session 2: Alive in Christ

    Our transgressions and our sins don’t just make us spiritually sick or badly injured, they make us completely dead. Sometimes I want to do what’s good, but I just do what’s bad, too. If we want to walk with our heads held high, we also need to realize we’ve been revived, made alive again, with Ch...

  • Beautiful Word: Ephesians - Session 3: Empowered by Prayer

    If you want to walk with your head held high, you must first bow it in prayer. Bended knees is a physical posture that represents the position of our hearts—submitting to the will and purpose of God. Prayer empowers by filling us with strength and power. We’re empowered by prayer when we fully un...

  • Beautiful Word: Ephesians - Session 4: Live Worthy

    Even if you feel unqualified, unworthy, or unprepared, God has given you a calling, a ministry. True humility isn’t putting yourself down but rather lifting up God and others. If we want to live worthy, we need to also remember that God’s kingdom is worthy. God is looking for people who believe h...

  • Beautiful Word: Ephesians - Session 5: Walk in Light

    Jesus shed light on the dark places so we can share light in the dark places. We can go through life without much life going through us. Every day we need to ask God to fill us with his Spirit—that the Holy Spirit will guide us and direct us.

  • Beautiful Word: Ephesians - Session 6: Take Your Stand

    We can’t make a stand hunched over and slumped under the weight of insecurity, shame, and fear. No! We take our stand, shoulders back, chin up, head held high. We need to stand firm in God’s strength so we can stand up under life’s challenges. The enemy doesn’t stand a chance when you stand in Go...