Move On (Vicki Courtney)

Move On (Vicki Courtney)

Most people will live their entire lives attempting to clean up their messes on their own or will hide their messes under a multitude of modern-day fig leaves. Are you weary of hiding and pretending? If so, it’s time to find the courage to come clean about the mess you are. It’s time to lay your heart and soul bare before the Lord and say, “I’m not okay, and I need your help.” Once you face your messes, God—in his sweet mercy—will help you get real, deal, and truly move on. So say goodbye to that person you’ve been pretending to be and celebrate the person God created you to be: a gloriously imperfect mess who is loved by a perfect and holy God.

Speaker and bestselling author Vicki Courtney shows how we can acknowledge the messes in our lives, accept God's mercy for them, and then get real, deal, and move on.

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Move On (Vicki Courtney)
  • Move On Session 1 - Clean Up in Aisle One!

    Session 1, "Clean Up in Aisle One!" teaches that all of us were born into a mess and pretending there are no messes in your life will only leave you exhausted.

  • Move On, Session 2. Unclaimed Baggage

    In Session 2, "Unclaimed Baggage," you will look inside to find past sins that you are holding onto, how you are allowing them to define you, and learn how to let go of them.

  • Move On Session 3 - Us and Them

    Session 3, "Us and Them," teaches that Jesus is your ultimate role model when it comes to extending genuine kindness to others and urges you to stop talking about other people groups and start loving them.

  • Move On, Session 4. Law and Disorder

    In Session 4, "Law and Disorder," you will find ways in your life that you are legalistic and work on accepting God's grace for yourself and those around you.

  • Move On Session 5 - Buzz-Hopping

    Session 5, "Buzz-Hopping," teaches that unless you find your satisfaction in God instead of the temporary highs that the world offers, you’ll just end up empty.

  • Move On, Session 6. Falling Forward

    In Session 6, "Falling Forward," you will look at your own spiritual ruts and learn how to stay focused on God instead of your own progress or the progress of others.