The Hard Good (Lisa Whittle)

The Hard Good (Lisa Whittle)

Study of Bible Characters: Saul & David.

Hard things...we don't like them, but they can become the keys to our greatest usability in the kingdom of God. We see in the lives of David and Saul examples of one who let God make good out of the hard, and one who ran away and refused the growth the hard things bring. If we’re weary of being bossed by our emotions, The Hard Good can help bring a new way of living with healthy, managed emotions.

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The Hard Good (Lisa Whittle)
  • S1: Getting Out of Your Own Way (The Hard Good)

    Ask yourself, “Am I offended by my life?” Our surprise or disappointment can cause offense at things God never meant for us to be offended by. We see in King Saul's life that when things happened he could not control, he resisted or disobeyed, instead of allowing God to grow him through it.

  • S2: Becoming God's Woman (The Hard Good)

    When Saul ran away from God’s call on his life, he gave permission for those he led to do the same. When we wrestle through the hard good, not only is our own usability at stake, but also the usability of those we will eventually lead. Courage to face our shortcomings now could mean generational ...

  • S3: Moving Past Your Past (The Hard Good)

    David didn’t let his past as a shepherd limit his faith in God’s ability to use him in
    the future. No matter what you might lack, God has promised a bright future for you, and He is fully capable of helping you maximize your gifts and live out your calling. But you must be willing to move past a...

  • S4: Overcoming Internal Struggles (The Hard Good)

    Unwarranted jealous thoughts barrage all of us at times, making it difficult for us to think clearly, rationally, and positively. Saul let his jealousy spin him out of control. But when we allow God to use the hard moment, we let our soul free to receive the good our envious heart sought to begin...

  • S5: Showing Up Vs. Shutting Down (The Hard Good)

    When God makes us wait, it’s because he wants to save us from something, give us something better, or form in us something we need. David never faked being fine, as the Psalms attest. Despite years of waiting for promises that never seemed they’d come to pass, he remained in a good place with God.

  • S6: Embracing the Hard Good (The Hard Good)

    God’s *purpose* for your life doesn’t depend on your willingness, but your *usability* does. We will be limited in how powerful for the Kingdom of God we will be, based on how much we let God chisel us through facing the **hard,** which in turn produces the **good.** It’s our *response* to our st...