Don't Look Back (Christine Caine)

Don't Look Back (Christine Caine)

There are times in life when we look back and feel desperate to make time stand still, particularly when we get blindsided by unexpected changes. But we can't stop the flow of life, and we can't stop time. What's more, looking back doesn't enable us to go back. More often than not, it just makes us stuck. In a place. In a space. In a memory. In a mindset. In a habit.

With a rallying cry to "Remember Lot's wife," Bible teacher, international speaker, activist, and bestselling author Christine Caine motivates us to stop looking back, to get unstuck and to keep moving forward into God's promises and purpose for our lives. We may not know all God's plans for us. We may not know where we are going, how long it will take us, or what we will encounter along the way, but with the strategies Christine gives, we can move on from where we are to where God wants us to be.

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Don't Look Back (Christine Caine)
  • S1: Where You Look, You Will Go (Don't Look Back)

    It’s not always easy to move on when God beckons us forward, especially
    when things are safe and comfortable, or when we have experienced deep trauma, pain, or suffering. May you be infused with the strength of the Holy Spirit to take the next step.

  • S2: Knowing We Are Children of the King (Don't Look Back)

    There is nothing more intimate God could have done than to adopt us, and when we are confident that he sees us, knows us, and loves us, we can live our lives unafraid.

  • S3: Going Again for the Promises of God (Don't Look Back)

    There’s nothing that will challenge your faith more than going again (hope again, believe again, love again, forgive again, try again, go again, pray again) and seeing nothing, especially when it has to do with a promise from God that has gone unfulfilled for weeks or months or years.

  • S4: A Little Can Do a Lot (Don't Look Back)

    A sense of entitlement can cause us to think that God could not possibly want us to do more if he is not going to give us more to do more with. God tends to work the opposite way; he wants us to give him all of whatever it is that we have, so that he can do so much more than we could ever ask or ...

  • S5: It's Time to Rise Up (Don't Look Back)

    Standing down is way easier than standing up, especially when we’ve been beaten down, knocked down, ridiculed, canceled, maligned, misunderstood,
    abandoned, or rejected. We must intentionally and frequently check our spiritual posture.