Contagious Faith Training Course (Mark Mittelberg)

Contagious Faith Training Course (Mark Mittelberg)

Understand the five Contagious Faith Styles—Friendship-Building, Selfless-Serving, Story-Sharing, Reason-Giving, and Truth-Telling—and discover which of these approaches (or combination of them) is the best fit for you to enable you to naturally share your faith in Jesus with the people around you.

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Contagious Faith Training Course (Mark Mittelberg)
  • S1: Discovering Your Contagious Faith Style (Contagious Faith)

    In Matthew 28:18–20, Jesus looked at his disciples—and through them at us—and told them to go into their world and make more disciples. Many of us reflexively respond, “This isn’t for me. It’s not my gift. It’s not my personality. I just want to be an ordinary Christian.” But we can all develop a...

  • S2: Initiating Relationships and Serving Others (Contagious Faith)

    Through *Friendship-Building* and *Selfless-Serving*, we can reach people who may seem closed spiritually, but are open relationally. People need people, and friends listen to friends. A high percentage of people come to Christ primarily through the influence of a close friend or family member wh...

  • S3: Telling Your Faith Story in a Natural Way (Contagious Faith)

    When Paul stood before hostile audiences, he shared his personal testimony every time. No persuasive technique will ever take the place of your *Story-Sharing*. The skeptic may deny your doctrine or attack your church but he cannot honestly ignore the fact that your life has been changed.

  • S4: Offering Reasons for Your Faith (Contagious Faith)

    As people experience growing levels of confusion about spiritual matters and they raise increasing numbers of objections to the Christian faith, we’ll need more and more of us to be prepared in the *Reason-Giving* style of evangelism so we can offer evidence and reasons for what we believe.

  • S5: Sharing the Truth of the Gospel (Contagious Faith)

    We live in a noncommittal culture. People are simply more hesitant to sign on to things—especially if there’s a long-term pledge involved. Welcome to a world of fence-sitters. That’s why we need *Truth-Tellers*: people who will get to the point, explain the message of the gospel, and nudge their ...

  • S6: Partnering with Others to Impact Lives (Contagious Faith)

    It's great that you’ve discovered your main Contagious Faith Style, but your style isn’t going to fit every situation. There are three main solutions: Partner with others who have different styles; sometimes you’ll need to stretch—to go out of your comfort zone and let God use you anyway; rely on...