Believe Bible Study Series: Act Like Jesus (Randy Frazee)

Believe Bible Study Series: Act Like Jesus (Randy Frazee)

There is a difference between believing something and allowing those beliefs to shape your actions. It is the practice of reaching up to God and out to others that will drive beliefs from your head to your heart to you can act like Jesus. Learn the life-giving spiritual disciplines that will lead you in fulfilling your mission to love God and love your neighbor.

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Believe Bible Study Series: Act Like Jesus (Randy Frazee)
  • Act Like Jesus - Session 1 - How Do I Worship God?

    I worship God, privately and corporately, with the songs I sing, the words I speak, and the way I live my life. When I attribute worth to God as a child of God, unmerited worth is attributed to me.

  • Act Like Jesus - Session 2 - Why Do I Need to Pray?

    I pray to align my life to do God's will, and to lay my burdens before God to find peace. Don't make any major decision in life without seeking God through prayer.

  • Act Like Jesus - Session 3 - How Do I Study the Bible?

    Read. Study. Meditate. Memorize. These practices help us understand the Bible, find direction, and apply the truth of the Bible to our lives. Additionally, learning the *one story* of the Bible helps us interpret it accurately, and studying it *in community* keeps us accountable.

  • Act Like Jesus - Session 4 - How Much of My Life Does God Want?

    God wants *total* surrender. What does that look like? I give up what I want to meet the needs of others. I give away things I possess when I am so led by God. I serve God through my daily work. I can only do this by remembering I am in a *no-lose situation.*

  • Act Like Jesus - Session 5 - How Do I Develop Healthy Relationships?

    Fellowship with other believers keeps our relationship with God strong, and our relationships with others strong. Develop close relationships with Christians who know you and support you. Allow other Christians to hold you accountable for your actions. Pray for and support other Christians.

  • Act Like Jesus - Session 6 - What Spiritual Gifts Has God Given to Me?

    Know and celebrate the gifts of the people God has placed around you. Learn what gifts you have, and use them in ministry to accomplish God's purposes. Acknowledge and give God the credit for your gifts.

  • Act Like Jesus - Session 7 - How Do I Use My Money to Serve God?

    I give away my resources (which goes beyond money) to serve God and others. Giving to others strengthens our intimacy with Christ. Willingness to give, and to give generously, comes from a heart moved by God's purposes.

  • Act Like Jesus - Session 8 - How Do I Communicate My Faith?

    While another person's acceptance of the Good News is not our responsibility, sharing the Good News is. We share our faith in a number of ways: by living so others will see Christ in our lives, by sharing our story, asking good questions, listening well, and praying for the salvation of others.