Your Time-Starved Marriage (Les & Leslie Parrott)

Your Time-Starved Marriage (Les & Leslie Parrott)

Feeling overscheduled and underconnected as a couple? Relationship experts Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott help you connect your time styles--and your hearts--so you can better manage your time. This is not a book about being more productive, but a book about being more connected with your spouse and maximizing the moments you have together.

After resolving communication meltdowns, finding time together is the number one relational need of most couples. Where does it go? We try to make it. Save it. Seize it. Buy it. And borrow it. And yet time continues to elude too many couples. At the heart of this book is the renowned Better Love Assessment, which helps you uncover your unique time style: Accommodator, Processor, Dreamer, or Planner. Once you know your time style and that of your spouse, this book will show you how to leverage them for powerful results.

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Your Time-Starved Marriage (Les & Leslie Parrott)
  • Your Time-Starved Marriage - Session 1: Right Here, Right Now

    In Session 1, “Right Here, Right Now—Is Your Marriage Slipping into the Future?” you will discuss time management as it applies to your marriage and plot out how you can spend quality time together.

  • Your Time-Starved Marriage - Session 2: Busyness

    In Session 2, “Busyness — The Archenemy of Every Marriage,” you will discuss the four areas that busyness can negatively affect your marriage and how it can be battled.

  • Your Time-Starved Marriage - Session 3: Time Styles

    In Session 3, “Time Styles — Uncovering Your Unique Approach to Time,” you will discover the four time styles and determine which style you possess and how you and your spouse differ in approaching time.

  • Your Time-Starved Marriage - Session 4: Prioritizing Prime Time

    In Session 4, “Prioritizing Prime Time — Maximizing Your Moments,” you will discuss how setting priorities can help you get the most out of ordinary moments together and pinpoint which routines can be more meaningful in your marriage.

  • Your Time-Starved Marriage - Session 5: Time Bandits

    In Session 5, “Time Bandits — Catching Your Time Stealers Red-Handed,” you will discover three time-stealers in your marriage and formulate strategies to protect your marriage against them.

  • Your Time-Starved Marriage - Session 6: Time Mines

    In Session 6, “Time Mines — Where You’re Sure to Strike Gold,” you will discover neglected activities you can do together to strengthen your relationship and learn how to more enjoy conversation over a meal.