Undistracted (Bob Goff)

Undistracted (Bob Goff)

Through the pithy and inspiring storytelling that has endeared him to millions, New York Times bestselling author Bob Goff invites you to laugh with more gusto, dream with more confidence, and love with more intention in this disarming call to live Undistracted. Bob’s stories are like the rumble strips on the road that make you suddenly alert to how far you have drifted from your lane. From visiting friends in San Quentin to accidentally getting into a stalker’s car at the airport to establishing Uganda’s first space program, Bob shows you the way back to an audaciously attentive life.

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Undistracted (Bob Goff)
  • S1: Undistracted in Our Attitude (Undistracted)

    Decisions shape who you are. But what if instead “who you are” shapes the decisions you make? What if your identity, purpose, and faith in God guided the way you prioritized the decisions you make? Take an honest look at your decisions and what’s consuming your time and attention.

  • S2: Undistracted in Our Service (Undistracted)

    Following Jesus means following his example of seeing the needs around you, and meeting them as best you can. If we say we love God, we must love and serve the people he made—and this includes all people, even the strange and odd and ones slightly different from us.

  • S3: Undistracted in Our Relationships (Undistracted)

    If you want to be undistracted in your relationships, you’re going to have to risk telling the truth, right down to your answer to how you're doing. You might find that you connect with people in more meaningful ways—undistracted by what you expect one another to say.

  • S4: Undistracted in our Faith (Undistracted)

    If you’ve got things about your faith that you just can’t get your head around, don’t fake it and act like you are certain. Instead, get real with the questions that you have. Such an invitation allows God to begin the process of doing authentic work in your heart.

  • S5: Undistracted in Our Purpose (Undistracted)

    Sometimes we can make living out our purpose overly complicated. We worry about taking the right steps, or moving too fast or too slow. But God has already given us an all-access pass to exercise our unique purpose. We just need to show up and claim it.