Taste and See (Margaret Feinberg)

Taste and See (Margaret Feinberg)

Discover the secret to savoring every day. The Psalmist declared, "Taste and see that the Lord is good" (Ps 34:8), so Margaret Feinberg decided to take the invitation literally. She embarked on a global culinary and spiritual adventure to discover the truth in such a simple verse. With each person she encountered, she asked, "How do you read the Scripture in light of what you do every day?" Their answers will change the way you read the Bible forever…and the way you approach every meal.

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Taste and See (Margaret Feinberg)
  • Taste and See - Session 1 - You're Invited to the Table

    Food is not a commodity as much as it is a gift of grace. Eating together invites us to become more attentive and taste and see the Lord’s goodness with greater spiritual depth. Shared meals can become a place to enter into deeper relationships with one another and God.

  • Taste and See - Session 2 - Delighting in the Sweetness of Fruitfulness

    The trimming and cutting of a fig branch speaks of God’s gracious hand in pruning. When areas of fruitfulness in our lives get whacked away, we wonder, "God, what are you thinking?" Or, "Why am I not more fruitful?" Yet God remains at work in our innermost being. We trust that as the Master Garde...

  • Taste and See - Session 3 - Chewing on the Bread of Life

    When we receive the bread as part of Holy Communion, we are given an opportunity to taste home and hospitality, to taste companionship and compassion, fellowship and friendship, affection and affirmation. Bread is more than sharing a morsel or meal together; it’s sharing life together.

  • Taste and See - Session 4 - Savoring the Salt of the Earth

    Jesus tells us that as the salt of the earth, everywhere we go, we’re going to bring the taste of heaven down to earth. When salt is overpowered by the presence of other things, it loses its ability to influence. When Jesus warns us about losing our saltiness, he’s not talking about table salt; h...

  • Taste and See - Session 5 - Relishing the Olive and Its Oil

    All of us have areas where we need healing...perhaps in our emotions, in our body, in our soul, or in our mind. You may long for healing that, some days, seems impossible. You’re hurting because you’re not healed. The call to be anointed with oil is rooted deep in Scripture as an act of compassio...

  • Taste and See - Session 6 - Discovering the Liturgy of the Table

    Food can so easily become a commodity, a transaction, something we purchase and consume and toss out with little to no thought and little to no gratitude. Rethink your prayers around the table, and make sure they reflect and express a deeper gratitude. Gratitude is the best response *whenever* an...