Rest & War (Ben Stuart)

Rest & War (Ben Stuart)

Ben Stuart, pastor of Passion City Church in Washington, D.C., gives us practical strategies to war against the enemy of our soul and find the rest that God has promised for us. Discover how to overcome deceptive strategies the enemy aims at us. How to move away from aimless affections and toward things that develop intimacy with God. How to make a place, a time, and a plan for communicating with God each day. And how to keep in step with the Spirit.

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Rest & War (Ben Stuart)
  • S1: Freed to Fight (Rest & War)

    Before we engage in learning the strategies and tactics we need to survive and thrive in our spiritual lives, we must first fix our eyes on the God who fought for us. The greatest fighters are those who know they have been fought for.

  • S2: Away And Toward (Rest & War)

    The spiritual life is one movement with two parts. It is a movement away from things that promote isolation from God. It is a movement toward things that promote intimacy with God. Sanctification puts certain ways of living to death so other ways of living can thrive.

  • S3: Downstream and Upstream (Rest & War)

    What we think about will determine what we care about. And what we care about, we will chase. We must be aware of the propaganda campaign of the Enemy so we can actively choose who influences our thinking, our loving, and our living.

  • S4: Consistency and Creativity (Rest & War)

    The disciplines exist to position myself to enjoy my relationship of devotion with the Lord who made a covenant to love me. It is duty with the aim of delight. Activity with the end goal of cultivating intimacy.

  • S5: Focus and Unity (Rest & War)

    There is no shame in declaring that we need the support structure of a vital community. We need pastors, marriage counselors, business mentors, and encouraging friends in order to win in life. God rigged it that way. In fact, one of God’s greatest gifts to us is, “us.”

  • Rest & War - Session 6: Keep In Step

    The Spirit of God moved into our hearts on the day of our conversion, and we need his presence and power to truly live the spiritual lives God calls us to live.