Resilient (John Eldredge)

Resilient (John Eldredge)

Join bestselling author John Eldredge on the path toward genuine recovery and resilience, as demonstrated by Jesus himself.

Recover from the trauma of recent world events and tap into the "supernatural graces" that God promises
Learn to be patient with yourself—genuine recovery from spiritual and emotional trauma takes time and intentionality
Create a plan—because resilience and victory aren't going to come with a swipe on a home screen
Discover deep wells of freedom and strength through Christ, who lives within us.

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Resilient (John Eldredge)
  • S1: The Strength That Prevails (Resilient)

    When we ask God for strength, we tap into the the supernatural graces God promises to us; we receive from Jesus the strength that prevails; we experience resilience; we are filled with God's River of Life: God does not let our reserves run dry. (Teaching on the parables of the fig tree and the te...

  • S2: Glory or Desolation (Resilient)

    Endurance—the dividing line between those who make it through any sort of trial and those who don’t. Hang on, don’t get discouraged—this isn’t just gutting it out. Not at all. The beautiful resilience Jesus offers us comes from his resources; endurance is imparted to us.

  • S3: Unconverted Places (Resilient)

    In times of stress, it is our inner weaknesses, brokenness, and the
    “unconverted places” that are going to take our legs out from under us.
    Maturity is no longer optional; wholeheartedness is no longer something we can go without. Vulnerabilities in us prove treacherous in this world.

  • S4: The Deep Well Inside Us (Resilient)

    We actually have three “levels” of being: the Shallows, Midlands, and Depths. The secret of all recovery and resilience is that, when invited, Jesus Christ himself comes to dwell within our created nature, deep down in the depths, where we learn to tap into him for the strength that prevails.

  • S5: Don't Look Back (Resilient)

    All change initially feels like loss. Guard against divided allegiances by making recovery and resilience a regular practice. Create a plan that includes renewing your love and devotion to Jesus, and a plan for margin that allows your soul room to breathe.