You Are the Girl for the Job

You Are the Girl for the Job

Have you ever let doubt, hesitation, and comparison hold you back from embracing that deep tug on your heart—your calling from God? The truth is that God has placed you exactly where you are for exactly what is before you. Dive into Scripture and see just how perfectly planned every element of your story has been to get you right here, right now, ready and fully equipped to take off and join God in his mission. You ARE the girl for the job.

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You Are the Girl for the Job
  • You Are the Girl for the Job - Session 1 - Let’s Quit

    At the very beginning of this study, you need to quit. Give up. Surrender. Whatever goal or attribute you've decided is important for you to master, or excel in, or pass up those around you, you need to quit it. *We cannot seek God's glory and our own at the same time.* If our heart is divided, s...

  • You Are the Girl for the Job - Session 2 - Who?

    Let's define "the job:" *Living the abundant life God has crafted for you with intention, passion, and willingness to do whatever He's asked you to with a fine-tuned focus on His glory.* The starting line for this job is probably not where you think it is. If you start with your dream, or your gi...

  • You Are the Girl for the Job - Session 3 - What?

    ***What*** has God given you to serve others with? We have been given tools, strengths, gifts, placed inside us by a good Father, that we can use to serve others. Even our weaknesses have been allowed on purpose for our good and God's glory. Our weaknesses don't prohibit us from being used by God...

  • You Are the Girl for the Job - Session 4 - Face the Fear

    Listening to fear and allowing ourselves to be caged by it has incredible consequences. We risk losing opportunity and blessing when we let fear speak louder than our faith. Let's be women defined by action and activated faith, trusting God and His Word above how things look, how we feel, or what...

  • You Are the Girl for the Job - Session 5 - Catch the Vision

    When you develop a vision for your life, don't start with a picture of yourself on the stage. If your vision is only for your own benefit, hit the brakes and ask, *Does this serve anyone else?* In this season, *anticipate the shadows.* Don't fear them. It's the shadows that push us to ask, *Where...

  • You Are the Girl for the Job - Session 6 - Because God Says So

    What can God do with women who are certain of His capacity in them? What can He do in women committed to the good of others and the glory of God? What can He accomplish in women who are not listening to the voice of fear but set on acting in faith? What might happen after we've partnered with the...