Sacred Pathways

Sacred Pathways

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Sacred Pathways
  • Sacred Pathways - Session 1: The Journey of the Soul

    We each have our own temperament and needs, different ways we get energized, different types of spaces that help us feel connected to God. So it only makes sense that we each need a unique and custom-made pathway to God that fits how God has made us.

  • Sacred Pathways - Session 2: Pathways of Wonder

    There are followers of Jesus who draw near to God and grow to love him more when they are in awe and amazed by who God is, what he does, and all God has made. **Naturalists** say, *“Let me be outdoors.”* **Sensates** declare, *“Let me experience.”* **Traditionalists** cry out, *“Let me remember.”*

  • Sacred Pathways - Session 3: Pathways of Contemplation

    There are lovers of Jesus who yearn for quiet. Their soul connects to God in spaces where they can reflect, find solitude, and plumb the depths of their emotional world. **Intellectuals** say, *“Let me think.”* **Ascetics** request, *“Let me be alone.”* **Contemplatives** ask, *“Let me feel.”*

  • Sacred Pathways - Session 4: Pathways of Action

    The Spirit of God has super-charged some Christians with energy and desire to do things for Jesus. These passionate believers feel the pleasure of God and are most engaged in their faith when they are doing something that honors God. The **Caregiver** says, *“Let me care.”* The **Activist** says,...

  • Sacred Pathways - Session 5: Tending the Garden of the Soul

    The wide array of colors and shapes that God has made in flowers is a beautiful testimony to the creativity of our Maker. The same is true with how God made people and the spiritual pathways we walk. As each unique Christian walks his or her God-designed pathway, the beauty of God’s plan unfolds ...