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Move On

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Move On
  • Move On, Session 1. Clean-Up on Aisle One!

    In Session 1, "Clean Up in Aisle One!" you will learn that coming clean about your struggles and imperfections is not easy, but when you experience the mercy of God, playing it safe is no longer an option.

  • Move On, Session 2. Unclaimed Baggage

    In Session 2, "Unclaimed Baggage," you will look inside to find past sins that you are holding onto, how you are allowing them to define you, and learn how to let go of them.

  • Move On, Session 3. Us and Them

    In Session 3, "Us and Them," you will think about how you view those who are different than you and think of ways to venture outside your Christian comfort zone to bridge the gap between “us” and “them.”

  • Move On, Session 4. Law and Disorder

    In Session 4, "Law and Disorder," you will find ways in your life that you are legalistic and work on accepting God's grace for yourself and those around you.

  • Move On, Session 5. Buzz-Hopping

    In Session 5, "Buzz-Hopping," you will look at the things you crave and dream about and learn how to fight to keep idols out of your life.

  • Move On, Session 6. Falling Forward

    In Session 6, "Falling Forward," you will look at your own spiritual ruts and learn how to stay focused on God instead of your own progress or the progress of others.