How (Not) to Save the World

How (Not) to Save the World

Ten years ago, Hosanna Wong packed her life into suitcases and started traveling the country to talk to people about Jesus. Along the way she discovered lies she had believed that held her back from actually sharing God's love. Lies such as: *your story is not that important; you're not qualified; it would be best if you waited until everything is perfect.* That's how *not* to save the world. The truth is better.

How (Not) to Save the World
  • S1: Revealing God's Love (How (Not) to Save the World)

    The salvation of your family, your workplace, and your city is not all on you. Jesus is the One who saves lives, heals marriages, sets people free from addictions, and makes the impossible possible. Jesus is the subject, the climax, and the main point of the story. We are just the storytellers.

  • S2: God's Power, Not Ours (How (Not) to Save the World)

    Our calling is not to spend more time working or producing for God, but
    to spend more time knowing and enjoying Him. We need to rest and be
    renewed in His presence and receive the power that comes through the
    Holy Spirit.

  • S3: The Power of Your Story (How (Not) to Save the World)

    Sometimes we’re tempted to hide details about ourselves—our backgrounds and upbringings—to make our stories sound better. We can believe the lie that our story is not the right story. Yet, the truth is, the details of your story are your superpower.

  • S4: The Truth About Community (How (Not) to Save the World)

    God designed us to be in community—with God and with each other. Community is not optional. It’s essential for our lives to reach their full potential. Community empowers us not only to complete the tasks God has called us to but to become the people He has made us to be.

  • S5: Never Giving Up (How (Not) to Save the World)

    Instead of fighting to be right, we need to fight for our relationships. We are ambassadors of Christ and we need to learn the words and ways of others and of God. Though we may grow weary waiting for those we love to know Jesus, we must persevere in prayer, and never give up.