Nothing to Prove (Jennie Allen)

Nothing to Prove (Jennie Allen)

Study of a book of the Bible: John

You don’t have anything to prove. Too many of us walk through life thinking if we could only work harder or be better, we could be enough. But the truth is, we will never be enough. And thankfully, we don’t have to be. Jennie Allen walks through key passages in the Gospel of John to demonstrate how only Jesus is enough. We don't have to prove anything because Jesus has already proven everything.

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Nothing to Prove (Jennie Allen)
  • S1: Introduction: Are You Tired? (Nothing to Prove)

    **Are you enough?** We aren’t. None of us. It’s a universal diagnosis. But after we absorb the initial shock and hurt of that truth, it’s usually followed by a wave of relief. We understand there is a reason we all feel a deep-in-our-bones problem. Then and only then can we allow Jesus to meet ou...

  • S2: Fulfilled: The End of Thirst (Nothing to Prove)

    **Are you happy?** Has an urgency to please and obey God strangled much of the wonder, delight, elation, satisfaction, and just plain fun out of your life? Jesus lived with purpose and joy, delighting to do His Father’s will. He called others to follow Him in this kind of life. He was clear about...

  • S3: Connected: The End of Loneliness (Nothing to Prove)

    **Are you lonely?** Jesus’ intimate relationship with the Father and obedience to Him defined and directed everything Jesus did while on earth. From him we learn that *connection costs our whole selves. Connection risks all that we are.* Let’s see what it might look like for us to live with the s...

  • S4: Rest: The End of Striving (Nothing to Prove)

    **Is your soul tired?** Knowing God and tasting heaven should cause us to rest rather than strive. Rest is a discipline and an act of obedience. True rest fills our souls and empowers us to create and intentionally live life. Rest is believing God can do anything then stepping back and letting Him.

  • S5: Risk: The End of Passivity (Nothing to Prove)

    **What is holding you back?** While we are trapped in our brokenness and sin, Jesus is waving His arms and showing us the way to freedom, to healing. Is there a risk Christ is calling you to take? There is no more secure venture than risking on an eternal, loving, steadfast God.

  • S6: Hope: The End of Fear (Nothing to Prove)

    **What if we are missing the very best parts by pushing away the hardest?** Sometimes when we glimpse the pain and suffering that our loving God doesn’t spare us from, we feel desperately afraid: afraid He isn’t good enough, powerful enough, loving enough. But Jesus is calling us into the darkest...

  • S7: Grace: The End of Shame (Nothing to Prove)

    **Are you afraid of being caught?** Like the disciples, we hide our weakness and pretend to be more than we are. But, because of Jesus, being caught in our sin is one of the greatest gifts He gives us. It is the moment we start to get free. It is the moment we can finally receive grace.

  • S8: Called: The End of Emptiness (Nothing to Prove)

    **Jesus isn’t waiting for us to achieve; He is waiting for us to receive.** Jesus didn’t require perfection or striving. He just issued beautiful rhythms of grace that caused his followers to rest and enjoy God. Then, their obedience flowed out of a relationship, out of being loved.