Jesus in Me (Anne Graham Lotz)

Jesus in Me (Anne Graham Lotz)

Comforter. Counselor. Friend. In the midst of life’s changes and losses, we each need a friend, a confidante. Someone we can trust. The good news for children of God is that we have been given the Holy Spirit—Jesus without skin, within us at all times. In this practical study that is a true Bible study, Anne Graham Lotz starts with a workshop on how to listen to the Holy Spirit when we're studying the Bible, then we apply that skill as we work through five Bible studies per week on selected Scriptures. Discover how you can better love and rely on the Person of the Holy Spirit—and embrace how much He loves you.

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Jesus in Me (Anne Graham Lotz)
  • S1: Bible Study Workshop (Jesus in Me)

    Anne: "I recently went to the ENT doctor because I thought I needed hearing aids. He told me, 'You don't have any hearing loss. Your problem is that you don't listen!' I have the same problem when it comes to reading my Bible...I don't listen! I'm rushing, distracted, tired, or focused just on fa...

  • S2: Loving the Person of the Holy Spirit (Jesus in Me)

    The Holy Spirit is known by many names. Wonderful. Helper. Comforter. Counselor. Strengthener. Standby. Advocate. Intercessor. It is important to know the Holy Spirit as a living, thinking, feeling Person. He is another Jesus...Jesus living in us.

  • S3: Enjoying the Presence of the Holy Spirit (Jesus in Me)

    Do you long for faith that really works? Then fully embrace the Holy Spirit with absolute, total, unreserved trust, and begin experiencing his constant **presence**...on the inside. May you experience a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit. May you be full of worship and enjoyment and adoration for t...

  • S4: Relying on the Power of the Holy Spirit (Jesus in Me)

    Learn what is required of us practically in order to receive and experience and even wield the power of the Holy Spirit. Learn to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit, and what that power is meant for, and how we can better understand it. When you *restrict* His access in your life, you give up b...

  • S5: Embracing the Purpose of the Holy Spirit (Jesus in Me)

    We are stirred to yearn for a life that is more than ordinary. Until that purpose is fulfilled, we will be empty, dissatisfied and unfulfilled as we try to fill the void with substitutes. Jesus promised that "He will guide you into all truth." So, ask Him to guide your focus until it's laser-like...

  • S6: Living by the Precepts of the Holy Spirit (Jesus in Me)

    The Bible is more than just great literature. It pulsates with life! How could that be? What makes it so unique? The answer to those questions leads us straight to the Holy Spirit. The practice of Bible study is simple but challenging in that it requires us to think for ourselves. It effectively ...

  • S7: Reflecting on the Purity of the Holy Spirit (Jesus in Me)

    We in a spiritually and morally bankrupt culture. Abortion, assisted suicide, gay marriage, pornography, sexting, gender identity, euthanasia, sex slavery, date rape, road rage, obsession with self, greed...the evidence is overwhelming that there seems to be no regard for holiness or purity. God ...

  • S8: Trusting the Priority of the Holy Spirit (Jesus in Me)

    The purpose, the goal, and the priority of the Holy Spirit can be summed up in one word: JESUS. He cares deeply about what you care about because He cares about you. He desires for you to fulfill your God-given potential. He wants to ease your burden, solve your problem, comfort your broken heart...