Ignition 7: The Free Run of Faith (John Driver)

Ignition 7: The Free Run of Faith (John Driver)

These visually-stunning, thought-provoking videos will walk with you through 7 days—possibly your first 7 days—of following Christ and beyond. Whether new to faith or not, just meeting Jesus is not enough. This is a journey you will not survive alone. Through these videos and the LUP Bible Plan (pronounced “loop”), a few friends can "go home with you" and help you survive the Free Run of Faith.

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Ignition 7: The Free Run of Faith (John Driver)
  • Ignition 7, Session 1, The Free Run of Faith

    Following Jesus is not like running in a neat circle; we must learn to move creatively in and about the obstacles of life. In this first video, meet the Ignition 7 Team and watch incredible free running footage, comedy clips, and a message to keep you sustained in grace. John Driver and his frien...

  • Ignition 7, Session 2, The Ultimate Energy Drink

    No one can navigate the free run of faith under their own strength; we're going to need some help. Learn about the secret to the free runner's source of limitless energy: the Holy Spirit.

    The LUP Bible passage for today is Philippians 1:7-11. Watch the video, read the passage, and then use the...

  • Ignition 7, Session 3, The Right Exercises

    Practice is the key to growth, but when it comes to spiritual things, for some reason we feel like we should already be strong. But this is not the case! Grace frees us to embrace the daily disciplines that help us grow in strength while running this new race.

    The LUP Bible passage for today i...

  • Ignition 7, Session 5, Your Personal GPS

    Many free runners of faith are intimidated by the idea of reading at all, much less a huge book like the Bible. As we run in faith, the Bible becomes more to us than just what we know as “God's Word”… it literally becomes God's Voice.

    The LUP Bible passage for today is Philippians 1:27-28. Wat...

  • Ignition 7, Session 6, Falling Down

    The sixth day of creation was the day God made Adam and Eve—a day he knew they would someday fall by sinning against him. Every free runner will fall down, but they must know what do when it happens—and more importantly, what Jesus has already done for them—so their fall does become permanent.


  • Ignition 7, Session 7, Spiritual Hydration

    No one can maintain the free run of faith solely under his or her own efforts. We all need to be hydrated. There are several things God has provided for us, like being near to him and being near to each other, that help keep the spiritual H20 flowing in our hearts until we reach the finish line.