Help is Here (Max Lucado)

Help is Here (Max Lucado)

In this five-session video Bible study, bestselling author Max Lucado pulls back the curtain on the third member of Trinity. The Bible reveals that the Holy Spirit—far from being an impersonal force—is always close, always active, and always at work within our lives. He is our helper, teacher, empowerer, intercessor, peace-bringer, guider, anointer, convicter, and divine giver of gifts. God has not left us vulnerable and defenseless. Rather, his vision for us includes a Companion with resilient strength. So no more walking this path alone! No more carrying weight we were not intended to bear! It's time to enjoy the presence of the Holy Spirit and experience the life he offers. It′s time to tap into his power... and realize that help is here.

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Help is Here (Max Lucado)
  • Help Is Here - Session 1: Our Powerful Ally

    Sometimes when we need help, we don’t need it from just anybody. We need supernatural help. We need big things to happen. We need our hearts to change. We need the type of help a fellow human cannot really provide and the type of help we can't muster on our own. Enter the Holy Spirit.

  • Help Is Here - Session 2: Our Strength and Guide

    In today’s session, you will look at two different types of faith: rowboat faith and powerboat faith. Rowboat faith requires you to strain at the oars and do all the work. But powerboat faith has a motor who does the work for you. This motor is the Holy Spirit.

  • Help Is Here - Session 3: Our Peace and Guarantee

    Being "sealed" by the Holy Spirit is a guarantee of a new identity. You no longer have to walk in disappointment, convinced that life has no guarantees. For while this world may not provide such assurances, your heavenly Father certainly does.

  • Help Is Here - Session 4: Our Intercessor and Advocate

    The anointing and intercessory work of the Holy Spirit are two more ways God shows you he is with you, always, even in the dark moments when you are on your knees with no words to pray. When the pain is too much, the anguish too deep, God steps in and prays on your behalf.

  • Help Is Here - Session 5: Our Gift-Giver of Life

    At the moment of your conversion, the Holy Spirit gifted you with gifts, not only for your own benefit but also for the benefit of those around you. The gifts you have spill out to others—blessing them, encouraging them, and healing them.