Habits of the Household (Justin Whitmel Earley)

Habits of the Household (Justin Whitmel Earley)

Author and father of four Justin Whitmel Earley reveals practical ways to relieve the tension between how you long to be engaged with your family and what your daily life actually looks like. He will provide the tools you need to create daily habits—from mealtimes to bedtimes—in simple and practical ways that will change your family’s spiritual rhythms. Each session ends with practical patterns, prayers, or liturgies your family can put into practice right away. As you establish a rule of life and create rhythms around your everyday routines, you will find your family has a greater sense of peace and purpose as your home becomes a place where you learn how to love.

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Habits of the Household (Justin Whitmel Earley)
  • S1: Waking Up to Habits of the Household (Habits of the Household)

    Learn how to intentionally harness the power of habits in ways that produce good for you and for those you love. There are two routines that are biologically essential and shape everything else that we experience in a given day: waking and sleeping.

  • S2: Habits for Mealtimes and Family Devotions (Habits of the Household)

    The first step in establishing mealtime as a healthy habit in our households is to make it a priority to establish mealtime as a family event. We need to eat together. Regularly. Another meaningful moment that dovetails neatly with mealtimes is family devotions.

  • S3: Habits for Screentime and Formation (Habits of the Household)

    The influence of screens is not limited to just social media. What we experience through technology plays a huge role in shaping the way we think, what we value, how we behave, and who we are. Screentime decisions are a critical part of creating healthy rhythms and habits within our households.

  • S4: Habits for Using Discipline As Discipleship (Habits of the Household)

    Discipline is a critical element of that formation and a critical piece in
    making sure our household functions smoothly—even though it is not pleasant for anyone. Building healthy habits into our role as disciplinarians is a great way to make sure we keep the focus of discipline where it belongs—...

  • S5: Habits to Help You Imagine the Future (Habits of the Household)

    We are going to end our study by looking not to today, or to next week, or even to the next few months, but to a more distant future. Specifically, we’re going to get a sneak preview of our legacy as leaders of our households.