Get Out of Your Head (Jennie Allen)

Get Out of Your Head (Jennie Allen)

Study of a Book of the Bible: Philippians

Are your thoughts holding you captive? Jennie Allen knows what it’s like to swirl in a spiral of destructive thoughts, such as I’ll never be good enough. Other people have better lives than I do. God couldn’t really love me. In this study on the book of Philippians, we learn we don’t have to stay stuck in toxic thinking patterns. Freedom comes when we refuse to be victims to our thoughts and realize we have already been equipped with power from God to fight and win the war for our minds. When we submit our minds to Christ, the promises and goodness of God flood our lives in remarkable ways. It starts in your head. And from there, the possibilities are endless.

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Get Out of Your Head (Jennie Allen)
  • Get Out of Your Head - Session 1 - Introduction: Spiraling Out

    We often don't think about the way we think. We think about the way we *feel* almost every minute. But changing the way we think seems nearly impossible. Thinking indicates your assumptions; assumptions surface your emotions; from emotions, beliefs form; out of your beliefs, actions are taken; an...

  • Get Out of Your Head - Session 2 - Make the Shift

    Ever wonder why it seems some people are happier than you, even if they are going through more difficult circumstances than you? When Paul wrote about joy to the Philippians, he was actually bound in chains. If all he saw were his circumstances, he would surely have been despondent. But, his love...

  • Get Out of Your Head - Session 3 - Weapons We Use, Part I

    Paul gives us weapons to fight a war with each toxic thought. To battle our inflated view of ourselves, we have the weapon of *Humility.* Our weapon to fight the noise in our heads brought by stress and anxiety is *Silence.* And, when our thoughts spiral into grumbling and complaining, we fight i...

  • Get Out of Your Head - Session 4 - Weapons We Use, Part II

    The next three weapons we fight with are all about busting out of our comfort zones. Do you notice discontentment, disillusionment, discouragement, or disengagement in yourself? Fight it with the weapon of *Connection.* How about complacency...finding comfort in mediocrity, accepting things as th...

  • Get Out of Your Head - Session 5 - A New Way to Live

    Now that we know how to fight, we need to know how to go the distance. How to persevere and keep growing in strength and maturity. Surprisingly, one of Paul's indicators of maturity is the discipline of *Forgetting*...forgetting what's behind so we can move ahead. Sometimes, remembering makes us ...

  • Get Out of Your Head - Session 6 - A Mind Like Christ

    How many of us are weighed down by anxiety? Many of us find our thoughts circling around problematic circumstances or people. Anxiety has become the soundtrack of our days, so familiar we hardly notice it. Anxiety asks, "What if?" Our tool for defeating "what if" is *Because God.* The enemy want...