Faith Embodied (Stephen Ko)

Faith Embodied (Stephen Ko)

Scientist, physician, and pastor Stephen Ko explains how to live and worship incarnationally and glorify God with our bodies. On his journey from pediatrician to public health officer for the CDC to senior pastor of the largest New York Chinese Alliance Church, Stephen Ko has seen that divisions between physical and spiritual health are artificial. In Faith Embodied, he reminds us that our "bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit" (1 Corinthians 6:19).

Faith Embodied will teach you to:
Understand subconscious ways that thwart the design of the Creator.
Embrace choices that invite incarnational health, living, and worship.
Experience God in every aspect of your life, from flesh and bone to heart and soul.
View the five senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste) in a different light
Reflect the image of God in the way you breathe, move, create, love, and rest.

NOTE: There are discussion questions at the end of each chapter in the Faith Embodied book.

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Faith Embodied (Stephen Ko)
  • S1: Introduction: Incarnational Health (Faith Embodied)

    Incarnational health decisions present innate tensions. A natural tension exists between making choices that preserve our bodies as pure, healthy, and blameless and succumbing to the desires of our flesh.

  • S2: Gaze (Faith Embodied)

    When we see the world through Jesus’ eyes, we invite the Holy Spirit to empower our lives. In time, we become like the Son of Man, who came not to be served but to serve others.

  • S3: Feel (Faith Embodied)

    Every stroke of the hand can be an act of worship or blessing to others. Our touch reflects our intimacy with God and empathy toward our neighbors. May we be ever mindful of the remarkable power touch possesses, and may our hands reflect Jesus’ selfless touch in all things.

  • S4: Smell (Faith Embodied)

    Our calling is to ensure all can smell the sweet aroma of Christ. By redeeming our sense of smell while incorporating it into worship and evangelism, we become a fragrant offering to the Lord.

  • S5: Savor (Faith Embodied)

    When we embrace our sense of taste the way God designed it, we experience the fullness of joy while inviting others to do so as well. “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” (Ps. 119:103).

  • S6: Hear (Faith Embodied)

    For Christians, the redemption of our hearing lies not only in listening to the words of God but also in following his voice. One of the best ways to etch God’s Word into our memory is through music, which can also be restorative and healing.

  • S7: Breathe (Faith Embodied)

    In Psalm 150:6, David reminds us that everything that has breath should praise the Lord. As temples of the Holy Spirit, we embody worship by connecting spiritual disciplines to the natural process of breathing.

  • S8: Move (Faith Embodied)

    Our exertion in running the race of faith in no way invalidates the grace of
    God. Rather, it confirms the grace that we freely receive, for faith without works is dead (James 2:26). God gives us the ability and asks us to exercise it.

  • S9: Create (Faith Embodied)

    By embracing creativity in our lives, we worship incarnationally. When we create, we affirm the natural revelation of God while reflecting his glory. Every part of our bodies honors God as we become instruments of his artistry.

  • S10: Rest (Faith Embodied)

    Disciplines of rest remind us to worship the triune God while taking a break from our work. They invite us to embrace our limitations as created beings. They teach us to relinquish worries and fears while yielding control of our lives.

  • S11: Love (Faith Embodied)

    The imperative to love God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength speaks to the centrality of our relationship with him. Framing love in this context makes it the critical motivation for every decision. Love for God strengthens our resolve, inspires our thinking, captivates our hearts, a...