Crazy Faith (Michael Todd)

Crazy Faith (Michael Todd)

Bestselling author and pastor Michael Todd reveals how to step out in faith and dive into the purposeful life of trusting God for the impossible. Our see-it-to-believe-it generation tends to have a hard time exercising true faith—one that steps out, takes action, and sees mountain-moving results. Many of us would rather play it safe and stand on the sidelines. But it's crazy faith that helps us see God move and reveals his promises. Even if we have to start with baby faith or maybe faith, we can become empowered to let go of our lazy faith, trust God through our hazy faith, and learn to live a lifestyle of crazy faith.

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Crazy Faith (Michael Todd)
  • Crazy Faith - Session 1: Starting Out

    The faith journey starts with baby faith. Most of us don’t like to do anything small, but baby faith is the most important step in starting your journey of faith. Next, you can step out in maybe faith. You don’t have to understand everything to be obedient. Faith begins where understanding ends.

  • Crazy Faith - Session 2: Getting Stronger

    The gap between what you’re believing for and when it actually happens is often on purpose. God is preparing you with waiting faith for the promise
    that he has in store for you. Next, we need wavy faith to step out of the boat and trust ourselves completely to the Savior.

  • Crazy Faith - Session 3: Obstacles to Avoid

    Lazy faith is innate in all of us. There’s a part of us that procrastinates
    and likes to think we have another time to do something. Next, we need to stay away from fugazi faith. Fugazi means fake, counterfeit. This is a kind of faith that doesn’t really believe but acts like it does.

  • Crazy Faith - Session 4: Moving to the Next Level

    There comes a moment in your journey where you have to trade in the faith that got you to this point for a faith that will get you to the next level. You have to start to believe for yourself. Then, thinking about faith is not enough. You have to speak the language of faith. So don’t just think i...

  • Crazy Faith - Session 5: Finishing Strong

    We will work through some dark days and struggles that may shake us to the core. Those can lead to fading faith. The good news is that you hope through Jesus Christ. You have access to saving faith. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, no matter how dark your situation may be right now.