Church of the Small Things (Melanie Shankle)

Church of the Small Things (Melanie Shankle)

Does my life really matter? Do the everyday events and messy moments make any kind of difference? Is it okay to be fulfilled by the simple acts of raising kids, working in an office, and cooking chicken for dinner? Bestselling author and popular blogger Melanie Shankle speaks directly to the heart of women of all ages who are longing to find significance and meaning in the normal, everyday world of attending class on their college campus, driving carpool to soccer practice, cooking a meal for their family, taking care of a sick loved one, or a million other things.

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Church of the Small Things (Melanie Shankle)
  • Church of the Small Things - Session 1 - Being Faithful in the Small Things

    It's the small things in our lives that shape the people we are becoming. We’re going to look for the small ways we make a difference in others’ lives—not despite our daily routine but in the midst of it. We’re going on a treasure hunt through our very ordinary lives. Your life matters far more t...

  • Church of the Small Things - Session 2 - Created for a Reason

    How do we discern the call of God? Our abilities might seem so trivial, and the path we’re on so ordinary. Surely, we think, God must have something extraordinary for us to do. Yet what if God is at work through the ordinary things of our daily lives to bring about that unique contribution we’re ...

  • Church of the Small Things - Session 3 - A Word Fitly Spoken

    Jesus says, “From the overflow of your heart, your mouth speaks.” We live in a society where there have never been so many ways to put our words out there for consumption. How careful we need to be that our words overflow from hearts that are filled with God’s love, and his kindness, and the way ...

  • Church of the Small Things - Session 4 - Broken Pieces

    Jesus always seeks us out, no matter how lost or broken we may be, no matter how much we’ve tried to escape him; he always comes back to us and he finds us where we feel shunned, and he finds us there because he loves us and because he doesn’t want us to stay broken.

  • Church of the Small Things - Session 5 - Investing in Friendships

    Some people go into relationships demanding to be understood, but not caring to understand the other. They may have spouses, colleagues, and acquaintances, but what they don’t have is *friends.* Friendship requires trust, accountability, transparency, listening, and a mutual effort to understand ...

  • Church of the Small Things - Session 6 - Bigger than You Imagine

    Do you feel pressured to do something huge to prove your worth and to make sure your life matters? We can lose sight of the small things that can also change a life: bringing dinner to a sick neighbor, smiling at a waitress who’s having a bad day, reading to your kids before bed, and simply prayi...