Beautiful Word: Romans - Living With Clarity (Jada Edwards)

Beautiful Word: Romans - Living With Clarity (Jada Edwards)

Study of a book of the Bible: Romans

Romans shows us the power of the gospel to bring clarity to everyday life. It shows us how to love, how to resolve conflict, when to speak, and when to remain quiet. By diving into this beautiful book, you’ll discover the great gifts of the gospel—the forgiveness of sin, the removal of guilt, the promise of salvation, the wonder of grace, the strength of forgiveness, the power of the resurrection, and the guide for walking with greater clarity through life.

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Beautiful Word: Romans - Living With Clarity (Jada Edwards)
  • Beautiful Word: Romans - Session 1: The Most Powerful Lens

    The gospel is the perfect lens we need for everything. The danger is that sometimes we treat the gospel like we treat our glasses. We take it off when it’s inconvenient; we put it on when it seems to serve our purpose.

  • Beautiful Word: Romans - Session 2: No Mess is Ever Too Big

    Paul is laying it out that we’re a mess. If you don’t understand that you’re fully a mess, you cannot fully surrender and fully accept the work Jesus Christ has done for you.

  • Beautiful Word: Romans - Session 3: God Invites Everyone

    We all fall short—and we continue to fall short—of God’s brilliance, God’s standard, and God’s glory. By nature, we are opposed to him and never meet the standard. The beauty in Romans 3:24-25 is that we are justified by his grace through the gift of grace through Jesus.

  • Beautiful Word: Romans - Session 4: The Source of Your Security

    Grace is not the license to do as we please but the power to do as we should. The struggle with sin is real, but we have security in Christ. If you didn't work your way into God's favor, you can't work your way out of it.

  • Beautiful Word: Romans - Session 5: God's Gift Changes Everything

    God's gift of the Holy Spirit to dwell in us gives us peace, a position of adoption into God's family, power to please God, help in our weakness, and he intercedes for us.

  • Beautiful Word: Romans - Session 6: God Keeps Every Promise

    When people ask, "How can God allow suffering?" we can ask in return, "How can God give grace?" Try approaching this very difficult question from the other end: it's not "why do bad things happen?" but "God, I can't believe you allow so many good things to happen!"

  • Beautiful Word: Romans - Session 7: With Love Comes Responsibility

    God is saying to us, "I need you to trust me more than you distrust them. Even though authorities are fallen, broken, and they have their own agenda, do you trust me more? Are you rejecting the way of the world, being renewed in your mind, presenting yourself a living sacrifice, knowing my will, ...

  • Beautiful Word: Romans - Session 8: A Hope that Helps You Endure

    If you have an unfulfilled hope, or you envision a certain life for yourself that hasn't come about yet, realize that those are not bad things, but God may put those longings on hold because there's a greater call on your life.