Beautiful Word: Philippians - Chasing Happy (Lori Wilhite)

Beautiful Word: Philippians - Chasing Happy (Lori Wilhite)

Study of a book of the Bible: Philippians

Many of us spend our lives chasing happy through relationships, success, and the next adventure. Yet, we only discover a dryness in our souls. Why? Because we’re chasing the wrong kind of happy. We chase temporary happiness instead of the eternal happiness found in Jesus.

Bible teacher and author, Lori Wilhite, shares the truth of what Paul tells the Philippians about the source of true and lasting joy—joy we don't have to chase to possess. Happiness is ours when we chase God’s joy, his purpose, his unity, his contentment, and his peace. Happy is captured when we chase him. Discover the incredible truth that happy isn’t found in the circumstances around us, but the power of Jesus in us.

The Beautiful Word Bible Study Series helps you connect God's Word to your daily life through vibrant video teaching, group discussion, and deep personal study that includes verse-by-verse reading, Scripture memory, coloring pages, and encouragement to receive your own beautiful Word from God. In each study, a central theme—a beautiful word—threads throughout the book, helping you connect and apply each book of the Bible to your daily life today, and forever.

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Beautiful Word: Philippians - Chasing Happy (Lori Wilhite)
  • S1: Chasing Joy (Philippians - Beautiful Word)

    Happiness will be ours, joyfulness will be found, delight will be experienced, gladness will be within our reach when we chase God’s joy, His purpose, His encouragement, and His peace. Happy is captured when we chase Him.

  • S2: Chasing Purpose (Philippians - Beautiful Word)

    We all have preferences in life. We’d prefer life to go a certain way. We’d prefer what we want, when we want it. We’d prefer that our prayers were answered the way we envisioned in the timing we imagined. But our preferences aren’t as important as God’s purpose.

  • S3: Chasing Unity (Philippians - Beautiful Word)

    Thankfully, the connection between believers isn’t something that will make you cringe, cry, or steal your joy. That’s because unity isn’t based on a thing, it’s based on the person of Jesus Christ. Being unified with Christ empowers us to be unified with others. And that will bring you joy.

  • S4: Chasing Jesus (Philippians - Beautiful Word)

    Paul says—Listen! I know I’ve said it a bunch of times. Be joyful. Be glad. Be happy. But I’m just going to keep on saying it because it’s good for you to hear. So, here it is again: Rejoice in the Lord. This isn’t a onetime thing—go on constantly rejoicing.

  • S5: Chasing Peace (Philippians - Beautiful Word)

    The pathway from panic to peace is prayer. It’s extremely difficult for the closed-fist posture of worry, anxiety, and stress to coexist with the hands-raised posture of worship.

  • S6: Chasing Contentment (Philippians - Beautiful Word)

    On one hand, you’ve got: I can do all things through Christ. And on the other hand: Apart from me you can do nothing. And they both hinge on Jesus. With Him, we can do all things, but without Him, we can’t do anything. Happiness is cultivated in contentment with the provision of God.