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Beautiful Word: John - Session 2: I Am the Bread of Life

Beautiful Word: John (Megan Marshman) • 32m

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    Jesus, the Light, invites us to a different path than the world, to open up our lives, let darkness be exposed to the light of Christ. It’s like Jesus is saying to the Pharisees, "The problem isn’t out there, it’s in here."

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    Jesus is the Gate: It was common for the shepherd to sleep at the entrance of the sheep pen so he could protect his sheep. Jesus is the Good Shepherd: The shepherd doesn't lead the sheep anywhere he isn't first willing to go.

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    Jesus knew all and He knows all. He knows every hair on your head and the words on your tongue even before you speak them. He is outside of time. He’s already at the place of the person you’re becoming. There’s nowhere you can go where the Spirit of God cannot reach you or find you.