40 Days Through the Book: Acts - The Revolution of Faith (Randy Frazee)

40 Days Through the Book: Acts - The Revolution of Faith (Randy Frazee)

Study of a book of the Bible: Acts

The book of Acts is a joyful celebration of how God’s revolutionary message was unstoppable and contagious. In it we discover that the Church is more dynamic than we dream, grace is the secret sauce of God's revolution, and God's way is not my way! Throughout this study you will hear a consistent invitation to join the revolution of faith and love that Jesus started two millenia ago.

The 40 Days through the Book series has been designed to help believers more actively engage with God's Word. Each study encourages participants to read through one book in the New Testament at least once during the course of 40 days (approximately six weeks of meetings) and will provide them with (1) a clear understanding of the background and culture in which the book was written, (2) insights into key passages of Scripture, and (3) clear applications and takeaways from the particular book that participants can apply to their lives. Each study will be recorded in the author's place of residence and will highlight stories and applications that are relevant to his or her ministry in that area.

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40 Days Through the Book: Acts - The Revolution of Faith (Randy Frazee)
  • 40 Days Through the Book: Acts - Session 1: Here's the Church

    Many people see the church as primarily a human-led organization. Countless others think of the church as dying or dead. Some see the church as a remnant of the past. But don’t let anyone fool you. The church is still God’s plan to bring the love, grace, and truth of heaven to our broken world.

  • 40 Days Through the Book: Acts - Session 2: Sticks and Stones

    When the church is a top-down clergy-led institution it is more like a spider that can be quickly snuffed out. When the church is centered on biblical belief and faithful ministry that is embraced by all the members, it is more like a starfish that can’t be stopped!

  • 40 Days Through the Book: Acts - Session 3: Saints Among Us

    Since Jesus established his church there have been saints among us. Ordinary Christians who have met the Savior, believe his Word, extend his love, and serve others like Jesus served them. This is as true today as it was two-thousand years ago when the church was first spreading across the known ...

  • 40 Days Through the Book: Acts - Session 4: The Power of Grace

    God’s revolution of faith flows through Christians who understand grace and share it freely. So much in the ancient world and our modern world is antithetical to the goodness and kindness of God. When Christians live in grace and extend it freely to others, people will see Jesus and hunger for wh...

  • 40 Days Through the Book: Acts - Session 5: Elephant or Virus?

    The church was never meant to focus just upward toward God and inward toward each other. We were made to go outward to the ends of the earth. As God’s people follow Jesus, the good news spreads everywhere. This was true in the ancient world and it is still true today.

  • 40 Days Through the Book: Acts - Session 6: Cry Uncle

    The journey of following Jesus is paved with moments of humble surrender. From the first time we cry, “Jesus is Lord” until every knee in heaven and on earth and under the earth bows down to the Savior, our faith is about complete and absolute surrender to the will of God.