Who Are You Following? (Sadie Robertson Huff)

Who Are You Following? (Sadie Robertson Huff)

Following Jesus reminds us of our real identity. New York Times bestselling author and influencer Sadie Robertson Huff knows better than most that while social media is a great place to keep up with family, friends and your favorite influencers, if we’re not careful, we can get caught trying to become who we’re following on social media, rather than following Jesus and becoming more like him. We can start trusting voices of people we’ve never met over the One voice who knows and loves us most. Sadie challenges us to consider who we’re following and how we are influenced. What would it look like if we were led by God’s love instead of by strangers' likes? Learn to face your mistakes with divine perspective and discover where true fulfillment is found--in Jesus.

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Who Are You Following? (Sadie Robertson Huff)
  • S1: Know Where You're Headed (Who Are You Following?)

    You are becoming who the people you are following are leading you to be. Who we follow impacts how we are seen and known. If we aren’t careful, if
    we don’t decide for ourselves that we want to be known for being like
    Jesus, we risk being known for things we don’t even like ourselves.

  • S2: Choose Love Over Likes (Who Are You Following?)

    We can live as ones who are divinely loved instead of straining for likes. We can live as ones who may be different by the world’s standards but who fit right in with God. We can live as ones who have never been disdained a single day in our lives.

  • S3: Get Glory for God (Who Are You Following?)

    When you and I spend endless hours mindlessly comparing ourselves to other people and entertaining jealousy over the lives we believe they live, underneath those habits is a desperate attempt to rack up glory for ourselves. Learn to shift your gaze upward and respond with gratitude.

  • S4: Say Grace (Who Are You Following?)

    God has good plans for your life. Sometimes we blame God for things not panning out the way they were “supposed” to, and sometimes we know it’s our own fault. No matter what happened to you in your past, God has a good future in store for you.

  • S5: Refuse to Just "Do You" (Who Are You Following?)

    What the world says is this: “Follow your heart.” “Live your best life.” “You do you, boo.” “Be true to yourself.” “Live your truth.” “Follow your feelings.”
    What Jesus says: “Die to yourself and follow me.” Which path do you think is more fulfilling?