The Overcomers (Matt Chandler)

The Overcomers (Matt Chandler)

Study of a book of the Bible: Revelation

The apostle John wrote the book of Revelation to a certain group of people in a particular place at a specific time. Although it was written to them, it was also written for us. In The Overcomers, author Matt Chandler takes a chapter-by-chapter view of Revelation rather than a line-by-line deep dive, helping us practically understand what God wants to say to us today through this extraordinary book written thousands of years ago. Believers will be reminded that they are uniquely wired and uniquely placed in this moment in history as part of God’s big plan to push back darkness and to establish light. Christ has overcome, and in Him we, too, are the overcomers!

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The Overcomers (Matt Chandler)
  • S1: You Were Made For This Day - Revelation 1-3 (The Overcomers)

    God’s message in Revelation spoke to believers when it was first written, assuring them that in spite of what they were experiencing in the world, Jesus was on His throne and ruling on high. They could live boldly and
    confidently, knowing that God had set them in a divinely appointed time and place.

  • S2: Your Ultimate Reality - Revelation 4-5 (The Overcomers)

    In relating John's vision to us, God wants us to see beyond our physical senses and earthly circumstances to realize the ultimate reality that is at the center of eternity. God was, is, and always will be on His throne.

  • S3: Your Strength in Christ - Revelation 6-7 (The Overcomers)

    How did the gospel spread from those first followers to the more than two billion believers we see today? The answer can be found in Revelation 6–8. These scenes uncover a different way to view your origin story, one that includes the obstacles and antagonists that virtually all believers have ha...

  • S4: Your Witness to the World - Revelation 8-11 (The Overcomers)

    Revelation 8–11 contains some of the most heartbreaking images in the Bible. The seven trumpets reveal the horrendous reality of those outside of Christ who cling to their idols. These extraordinary images are meant to help us as believers love the world we are in.

  • S5: Your Enemy in Focus - Revelation 12-13 (The Overcomers)

    In Revelation 12-13 we catch a glimpse of the scope of the cosmic battle that is currently being waged—of Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon and his demonic host. And as we become aware of these realities at work right now, we wake up and do our part as Overcomers.

  • S6: Your Family in Faith - Revelation 14-16 (The Overcomers)

    Don’t be discouraged by this present moment. You are part of an eternal family so big that “no one could count” its members. Yes, the road is narrow that leads to salvation, but billions of people have walked that narrow path before you. And now you follow in their spiritual footsteps as part of ...

  • S7: Your Cultural Caution - Revelation 17-18 (The Overcomers)

    In Revelation 17–19, we see that we can either align with the prostitute and the beast in creating our own Babylon, or we can accept Jesus’ invitation to experience His finished work in the New Jerusalem where all things have been made new.

  • S8: Your New Home - Revelation 19-22 (The Overcomers)

    The overarching purpose of the book of Revelation is to embolden
    believers’ confidence in Jesus. These final chapters punctuate our confidence by revealing what awaits us: a literal place, with literal people, in the presence of the living God—the Maker of Heaven and Earth. The best is yet to come!