The Broken Way (Ann  Voskamp)

The Broken Way (Ann Voskamp)

In this six-session video Bible Study, New York Times bestselling author Ann Voskamp takes us on a personal journey along the broken way. The broken way beckons you into more time, more meaning, more authentic relationships. There’s a way, especially when things aren’t shaping up quite like you imagined, that makes life take the shape of more—more abundance, more intimacy, more God.

Ann Voskamp asks the following questions not one of us can afford to ignore:

How do you live your one broken life?
What does it mean to live cruciform and learn to receive?
What do you do if you really want to know abundant wholeness — before it’s too late?

There’s a way of honest, transformative power.

Dare to take the broken way—to abundance.

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The Broken Way (Ann  Voskamp)
  • The Broken Way, Session 1, How Do We Live This One Broken Life?

    This first session gives us a chance to go on record as broken people, to own our brokenness and start moving toward each other and toward God. We will see what Jesus does with his brokenness. Instead of drawing back to protect Himself, He gives thanks, breaks, and gives away what He has to give....

  • The Broken Way, Session 2, Living Cruciform

    Maybe doing good things for others is already a habit as familiar as breathing for you. Or maybe the idea of giving your life for others has smacked you in the face and left you reeling. Either way, you’re right where God wants to work with you. This session will give you a chance to plan, do, an...

  • The Broken Way, Session 3, Learning to Receive

    This session is about learning to receive *in communion*—to receive identity from Christ and love from God through people. It’s a chance to exhale and live without the pressure to do anything to deserve it. Lean back. Breathe. Let God minister to your thirsty soul with the relief of deep intimacy.

  • The Broken Way, Session 4, Real Koinonia

    In this session, we’ll listen past the regrets that haunt our quiet moments and the lies Satan tries to tell us about ourselves to hear the voice of God telling us that the Broken Way is the way to become real. We don’t want to present a false face to the world but to see all the falseness chippe...

  • The Broken Way, Session 5, Embracing Inconvenience

    This session will take us more deeply into the unpredictable but holy place of other people’s pain. We care about this pain not *in spite of* the fact that we have plenty of our own pain, but *because* we have plenty of our own. In this session we will consider what each of us can do to love brok...

  • The Broken Way, Session 6, Who We Serve

    As we come to the end of this study, we’re not focused on giving to others out of our strength but out of our weakness and need. *Compassion* means “to suffer with,” and the more we travel down the Broken Way, the more we are willing to suffer with others and to let them suffer with us.